Here you’ll find several articles and tips catered to boosting testosterone. We cover everything from workouts and nutrition to specific ingredients and lifestyle. Our goal here is to provide a broad range of methods to keep you strong and healthy.

Testosterone Boosting Tips

5×5 Workout: A tried and true strength building workout used by bodybuilders and powerlifters for decades. The example given is a chest workout.

Alcohol and Testosterone: Find out the impact excessive drinking has on your workouts and ability to produce testosterone. Should cut back or cut it altogether?

Benefits of ZMA: One of the old school formulas known to increase testosterone and help you get more restful sleep. You’ll find this ingredient in testosterone boosters as well as a stand-alone supplement.

Best Test Boosters in 2014: Our top pick from the vast array of testosterone boosters in 2014.

Best Test Booster in 2015: Check out our #1 testosterone booster for 2015.

Boosting Test with Tribulus: This ingredient is found in many old and new testosterone boosters. Find out if it works.

Cardio that Boosts Testosterone: It may sound ridiculous but there have actually been testosterone boosting benefits from doing certain types of cardio. Read here for an in depth look at these cardio programs that do more than just get you lean.

Foods that Boost Testosterone: The most natural way to increase your testosterone is through food. Read more here to find out how nutrition can impact your test levels.

How Oyster Extract Increases Testosterone: A revolutionary ingredient for boosting testosterone. Our #1 test booster TestoFuel is one of the only supplements that contains the effective dose of oyster extract.

Natural Ways to Increase Your Testosterone Levels: Tips on how to use natural resources and nutrition to increase your test levels. These are also vital tips for being healthy.

Power Foods: Need fuel for your workouts and muscle growth? Here is a list foods that are perfect for adding strength and mass.

Testosterone Boosting Exercises: Did you know there are certain exercises that can naturally increase testosterone? Here we cover some very powerful lifts that do just that.

The Forgotten Hormone for Women’s Health: This article sheds some light on the importance of testosterone for women’s health and balancing hormones. You may be surprised that healthy test levels aren’t just for men.

Vitamin D for Boosting Test: But Vitamin D3 is actually found in most every testosterone booster. Read here to find out why.