Best Testosterone Boosters 2014

Publish January 2015

We’ve ended 2014 and are already well into the new year 2015. We’d like to take a quick of the popular supplements, specifically what we feel the best testosterone boosters were for 2014. We saw a few new products that we were impressed with but would like to give you the best and why we rated it the best.

Best Testosterone Boosters in 2014

We’re not going to do a top 10 or even a top 5 here. There are so many testosterone boosters in 2014 and the list continues to grow. We’re going to give you what we deem as the 3 best testosterone boosters for 2014. These are all packed with pure ingredients and are effectively dosed.

#1 Best Testosterone Boosters 2014 – TestoFuel

TestoFuel - Best Testosterone Boosters 2014

TestoFuel is somewhat new but the manufacturer quickly gained a 5-Star rating across the board with their product. We personally don’t know anyone who has no gotten results from taking TestoFuel. We’ve seen and experienced muscle gains, fat loss, conditioning and hardening, increased libido, enhanced energy, and overall better quality of health.



#2 Best Testosterone Boosters 2014 – ASR Jacked Up

ASR Jacked Up bottle

Jacked Up from ASR (AS Research) is known as one of the most potent strength builders in both the bodybuilding and powerlifting communities. ASR, the makers of Hyper Gain, has been around for a long time and their supplements have a huge underground following. Check out our extensive Jacked Up review below.



#3 Best Testosterone Boosters 2014 – Animal Test 

Animal Test review

Without question, Animal Test from Universal Nutrition has stood the test of time and is still one of the top selling over the counter test boosters. The Animal supplement line is used by serious athletes and strength trainers. Animal Test has made it through all of the pro hormone bans and as you’ll read in our full Animal Test review, it still proves to be one of the few test boosters that render results. 



Testosterone Boosters that Work

There’s no doubt we have an overabundance of bodybuilding supplements and natural testosterone boosters. The trick is finding one that actually works. You can quickly blow through a wad of cash on supplements in general, but especially testosterone boosters as they are typically priced higher.

Our mission here at is to save you some of that hard-earned cash by only promoting testosterone boosters that we know work. That being said, let’s dive into our top rated test booster for 2014.

What We Look For in Supplements

First, we’re not just looking at the new test boosters that were created last year. Our goal was to find the best testosterone booster in 2014, old and new. A supplement could have been around for years but decided to modify their formula. Or if there’s a test booster we have not tried that’s been out there for a while and it blows us away, then we’ll certainly promote it.

> Must have effective ingredients. We tend to stay away from supplements that have a long list of fillers or ingredients that we’ve never heard of.

> The ingredients must all be effectively dosed. Too many supplements we come across have effective ingredients but are often underdosed.

> Ingredients must be pure and of high quality. The only way you can really know this is to take the product and experience it.

> Company and/or manufacturer must have a solid reputation. Obviously the rules change for new companies, but if they’re selling crap products, the word will get out fast. We do a bit of research before trying testosterone boosters.