Boosting Test with Tribulus

Tribulus for Boosting TestTribulus is a plant extract that contains steroidal saponins and has been used for traditional medicine for centuries in China and India. Athletes also use Tribulus to enhance performance. But the most common uses of Tribulus is for erectile dysfunction, infertility, and to increase sex drive.

Tribulus has also been stacked with other supplements such as Yohimbe bark and DHEA to maximize the results (this is considered an old school test boosting stack). You’ll may also find Tribulus Terrestris as the main ingredient in many high-end testosterone boosting supplements. Boosting test with Tribulus is very popular among bodybuilders and strength training athletes as it’s been known to increase strength and help build lean muscle.

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Does Tribulus Work?

Does Tribulus work? Does it really increase your testosterone levels naturally? Well, the effects of Tribulus carry all of the attributes of increased testosterone from increased libido to strength gains to lean muscle mass. Of course you’ll find some that claim there are no benefits to supplementing with Tribulus. But there seems to be more that swear by its effects. Usually those that benefit from Tribulus are those that live an active and healthy lifestyle, and are into intense training.

Key Benefits of Tribulus Terrestris

Even if Tribulus doesn’t actually boost testosterone naturally it certainly has all of the implications of supporting higher T levels. The drive and energy are key factors in why people take supplements that increase testosterone. But there are also plenty of health benefits of taking Tribulus Terrestris.

> Balances hormones, specifically testosterone and estrogen levels

> Increases libido and has been used to treat infertility

> Improves overall mood

> Helps build lean muscle tissue

> Enhances performance

> Positive changes in body composition; increased fat loss

> Used as preventative measures for heart disease

How Much Tribulus Should You Take?

The effective dose of Tribulus has been said to be up to 750mg daily. Of course there may be other factors involved as well such as activity level, weight, age, etc. Some people have seen positive results from just 200-500mg. There are others who have mega dosed Tribulus. We never recommend taking mega doses of any supplement as there’s an uncertainty of negative side effects and how your body will respond to the higher doses. But many have done with Tribulus and it’s rare that you read about any side effects. However, it’s best to start out with a lower dose and gradually bump it up if you feel your body isn’t responding to the lower doses of Tribulus.

You may indeed benefit from supplementing with Tribulus Terrestris. Countless studies show that this powerful extract has an array of positive effects and health benefits. Most of you reading this are looking to build muscle as well as cut body fat, or at least keep fat to a minimum. Tribulus seems to do just that. But as we’ve seen, there are other long term health benefits Tribulus may have, which in the end are just as important as gaining muscle.

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