Cardio that Boosts Testosterone

Elliptical Cardio Machine
We know that certain foods can increase testosterone levels and we know that lifting heavy weights can boost testosterone in men, but what about cardio? You don’t hear much about cardio and testosterone together. Cardiovascular exercise is usually linked to burning fat, losing weight, strengthening your heart, and overall health.

There are actually certain types of cardio that boosts testosterone levels. Now if you’re a marathon runner or doing any type of extensive cardiovascular training, you probably will not benefit from increased testosterone. In fact some experts say that those who do extensive cardio tend to have lower testosterone levels. However, the right type of cardio and durations of cardiovascular exercise may help with boosting testosterone.  We’ll go over three extremely effective types of cardio below.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

High intensity interval training (often referred to as the acronym HIIT) has become very popular among bodybuilders and those who aspire to lose body fat without losing hard earned muscle. It’s been said that HIIT cardio training may actually help build muscle tissue. This type of cardio involves alternating short time periods of high and low intensity. For example, you may go hard for a minute then back off for 30 seconds to a minute, and repeat several times (usually about 17 to 20 minutes total). HIIT cardio is known to help boost your body’s ability to create more testosterone in men.  High intense interval training can be done on any cardio machine (elliptical, stationary bike, treadmill, spin bike, etc.).

Running Sprints

Sprints are also a great way to build strength, speed and increase testosterone levels. Like the above high intense interval training, sprints require short bursts of high intensity followed by walking or resting for a short period. Some will repeat this 10 times or more. There’s really no difference between running sprints and HIIT cardio training. Normally people refer to HIIT training on cardio machines as listed above. Sprints use the HIIT method but are done with no machines; it’s just you and the ground.


People don’t think of walking as hardcore cardio nor is walking thought of to increase testosterone. However, many physicians and health experts will affirm that walking is one of the best forms of exercise you can do for overall health. Many studies have shown that walking can indeed help boost testosterone levels in men. Walking helps burn more calories from fat. Walking also helps preserve muscle tissue where as extensive cardio can eat into muscle.

No matter how much you’re into your health and training regimen, most people find cardio boring. You can split up the above types of cardio to keep you from getting bored. You could run sprints one day, walk the next, and do a high intensity interval cardio session the next. Split these up to where you’re doing cardio four to five times a week and you should be able to maintain good health, lose body fat, preserve muscle, and naturally increase testosterone.