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Boost Test for Lean Muscle

It’s getting close to the summertime and we’re all wanting to have that beach body and top notch physique. We want as much lean muscle as possible, and we want it to be visible.

This requires too key elements: building lean muscle and burning off body fat. We know much of this is done through out diet. There are certain foods that will help us build lean muscle tissue as well as boost our metabolism to burn more calories.

Build Muscle & Burn Fat

One sure way to boost your body into lean muscle building and fat burning mode is by raising your testosterone. When you’re testosterone is elevated, your body performs at it’s optimal levels. In short, you’ll be able to build lean muscle and burn fat more efficiently.

Some tend to think that testosterone boosters are only for bulking up. And there’s the myth that test boosting supplements will make you hold water and have unwanted side effects. That may be true for some products out there, but not all are created equally.

Boosting Testosterone for the ‘Edge’

Testosterone boosting supplements that are properly dosed with the right blend of ingredients can give you the edge you’re looking for without the negative side effects. In fact, if something you’re taking is giving your unwanted symptoms, we recommend to stop taking it immediately. Trash it.

Despite your personal ambitions, whether it’s to lose fat, build muscle, or merely lose weight, building lean muscle should always be the ultimate goal. This doesn’t necessarily mean getting bulky, although for some that’s not a bad thing if that’s what you want to achieve. But don’t think that raising testosterone automatically means you’ll blow up. Thats a flawed mindset and misinformation thats been put out there.

Testosterone: More than Muscle

Raising testosterone not only enhances your ability to build lean muscle and burn more fat, it’s also crucial for overall health. Especially in men. We know as we age, our test levels drop year after year. Our health can decline right along with that. Boosting testosterone will help bring back strength and vigor while enhancing our overall sense of well-being.

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Top Test Booster - TestoFuel Review



Can I Get Rid of Puffy Nipples?

If you’ve been in the fitness and bodybuilding world long enough, you’ve more than likely seen someone with puffy nipples. In fact, you could very well be experiencing that now, which is why you’re reading this. So we’re going to throw out some tips and things to think about when it comes to puffy nipples.

The first thing we have to do is address the root cause of puffy nipples. And we can narrow this down to two things.

  1. Chest fat
  2. Gynecomastia (often referred to as gyno)

How do you know the difference between chest fat and gyno? Although the appearance is somewhat similar, there are some cosmetic differences. More so, you’ll be able to feel the difference. We’ll explain further below.

Puffy Nipples from Chest Fat

If you have puffy nipples from chest fat, I won’t say it’s easy to get rid of but it’s doable. Estrogen can be a contributing factor as well here. If you’re testosterone in low and estrogen is higher than it should be, you’re body will be more prone to gaining fat. And some men tend to hang on to fat in the lower chest area more than others (and that section between your chest and fat…yes, this is an annoyance).

What’s the answer here? Well, cardio and diet. I know that’s not what everyone wants to hear and it is quite the typical answer. But simply put, it works. Testosterone boosters than also have ingredients to control estrogen can be effective as an aid to the diet and working out.

Gyno – More Serious Condition

So how do you tell the difference between mere chest fat and gynecomastia? One is the appearance. One suffering from gyno will have more of a boob appearance than fatty tissue. It will also feel differently and may even be sore around this area.

If you suspect you have gyno, we suggest you see your doctor or medical professional immediately. There’s a number of things that can cause this (high estrogen is one of them). Anabolic steroid use can cause hormonal imbalances as well, although this isn’t always the case. You will more than likely need special treatment. It’s best to go and find out now rather than later.

TTB Puffy Nipples

Reducing the Risk of Puffy Nipples

Either case, there’s no better risk reducing than diet and exercise. Again, it’s a typical answer. But this method has worked since the beginning of time and has been proven over and over. This means minimizing, or staying away form altogether, certain foods. This is especially crucial you have a family history of obesity and/or the gynecomastia condition.

I stated cardio and mentioned exercise a few times, but let’s be specific. Weight training, or any type of resistance training is imperative. The more lean muscle you build, the more fat your body can burn. And the less prone you’ll be to chest fat and puffy nipples.

Let’s be honest. Puffy nipples are embarrassing. You don’t want to take your shirt. And in extreme cases you can’t even wear a tank top or tight shirt. A life style change has to be implemented right away. Daily exercise and watching your nutrition are going to be your best friends. You can also take an over the counter test booster to help boost your results. If you feel you may have gyno, as mentioned earlier, please go see your doctor.

Stay lean and mean,

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Best Test Booster 2015

In this week’s post we’d like to talk about our best test booster in 2015. We reviewed an array of testosterone boosters this past year so there was a lot of competition.

What We Look for in Test Boosters

Before we go forward, we’d like to point a few attributes we look for in testosterone boosters. The marketing is a bit aggressive on supplements in general, so we don’t pay much attention of the outrageous claims. We realize this is a marketing strategy. But we dig far deeper than that.


Are the ingredients on the label proven to be effective?


Are the ingredients effectively dosed?

Side Effects

Are there any harmful ingredients or known side effects?


Does it produce noticeable results? aka: Does it work? 

The biggest problems we find with testosterone boosters are the first two above. The ingredients and the dosage of each ingredient. Beware of the labels with a long list of ingredients, some of which you can’t pronounce. And check the dosage. Many test boosters are vastly under-dosed.

Our #1 Test Booster in 2015

TestoFuel has been our top supplement since we opened this site. And it remains so. The label contains a unique blend of ingredients that are effective, and more so, compliment the effects of one another. In short, it’s unmatched.

We also chose TestoFuel (again) because it simply works, and it works quite well. It’s also safe and there are no harmful side effects. It does not hinder your natural testosterone production. Rather, it helps you body produce more free testosterone.

Don’t get us wrong. TestoFuel is not a magic pill and it’s not going to make you gain 30 lbs of muscle in 30 days or increase your bench by 100 lbs overnight. But if you’re training hard and you’re consistent with your diet, TestoFuel will do wonders for your physique and strength.

Another bonus of taking TestoFuel is you can use it during a bulking or cutting phase. It doesn’t make you bloat or hold water. Just adjust your diet and training to meet your goals.

You can read our full review here:


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5 x 5 workout

Get Big Series: Supplements for Mass

This is our third and final post for our ‘Get Big Series.’ Our first post featured a workout for mass and the second was based on a mass diet. Now we’re going to take a look at a few supplements for mass.

You don’t have to spend a ton of money on supplements for mass to get big. We’re going to show you some basics that will enhance your workouts and diet plan. Just remember, if you don’t have those down then supplements will not work.

Supplements for Gaining Mass

We recommend training heavy when taking these supplements for mass. Some of these are very basic and will look familiar. These are the supplements that bodybuilders and strength athletes have used for decades. And we’re also throwing in our recommended mass builder.

Mass Supplement Plan

Branched Chain Amino Acids – Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. They will help prevent the breakdown of protein, increase protein synthesis, and enhance recovery. Take BCAA’s pre, during, and post workout. 

Creatine – This is one of the few supplements for mass that have been proven and has stood the test of time. Creatine expands your muscles so that they’re able to hold more water, thus acting as a cell volumizer. You can take creatine pre and post workout. 

Whey Protein – This is a fast digesting protein which makes it perfect for post workout shakes. You can also use whey protein between meals and can mix other foods such as fruits, peanut butter, yogurt, etc. to make a full meal.

Extreme Muscle Builder/Test Booster – While testosterone boosters aren’t necessary for gaining mass, they can certainly help you get big a lot faster. One extremely effective test booster we strongly recommend is called Jacked Up from ASR.

These supplements for mass cover the basics of what you need to train harder, recover faster, and grow. And this won’t break the bank.

Again, you don’t have to take supplements for mass. You can still get big with a solid diet and heavy workouts. But there’s no doubt that these supplements can help you grow faster.

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Stacking Supplements

To stack or not to stack? While there may be some supplements that are ok to use as a standalone, there’s no one supplement that does it all. For example, you may have a powerful multi-vitamin that contains digestive enzymes, energy boosters, and maybe even amino acids. But this doesn’t replace protein, creatine, pre/post workout supplements, or in or case, a testosterone booster.

This leads us to supplement stacks. We’re going narrow this down and talk specifically about stacking testosterone boosting supplements. Now one may think that test boosters are pretty much the same. But they’re not all created equal, and many have different ingredients to target specific purposes. For example, one may promote size and strength while another may induce lean muscle and vascularity.

Supplement Stacks

We’ve found the most effective means of building muscle is by using supplement stacks. We’re going to use elements for a bulking stack protocol here as an example.

Bulking Stack:

♦ Testosterone booster

♦ Mass gainer

♦ Explosive power promoter

♦ Muscle size and shape enhancer

♦ Possibly an off-cycle agent

You can put on some serious size if you have a supplement stack containing these elements. Each supplement would compliment one another and work in conjunction to produce massive gains.

Is it Necessary to Stack?

The short answer is no, it’s not necessary to stack testosterone boosters or supplements. However, most of us do any way. Think about it. You probably have a tub of protein powder sitting next to your amino acids, creatine, pre workout booster, vitamins, etc. Technically, that’s stacking supplements.

When you stack testosterone boosters you get the added benefits of the two complimenting one another. Most test boosters have unique labels. For example, one may contain something like oyster extract and high in Vitamin D while another contains something like tribulus. Combining those two could have a powerful impact.

Stacking isn’t necessary but could be beneficial. We only recommend that you read the label closely and know what you’re putting into your body.

The Ultimate Test Stack

We have two incredible test boosters that we believe work great together in a stack. One is our number one supplement, TestoFuel. This is fueled with ingredients like oyster extract, high levels of vitamin D3, B vitamin complex, and several others.

TestoFuel Box - TestoFuel Review


Our second choice in which you can stack this with is similar in nature. But this blend contains ingredients that promote longevity, increased energy, and libido. Prime Male is actually featured for men over the age of 30. The TestoFuel + Prime Male stack could certainly deliver some powerful muscle gains.

Prime Male Testosterone Booster


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Can Women Take Testosterone?

When we talk about increasing testosterone we typically think ‘men only.’ We know the importance of this hormone for lean muscle, keeping body fat down, sex drive, and overall health. But what about females; can women take testosterone?

If you were to bring up women taking testosterone you may get a lot of flack. You’ll probably hear things like it’s unhealthy for women, it will cause their voice to deepen, it will make them take on manly characteristic, etc. And this is true if it’s abused.

Contrary to the above, women can actually benefit from small doses of testosterone. Like men, this is more for when they’re older (we’ll say beyond 40 years of age). A little testosterone can increase women’s sexual desire as well as enhance their health.

We have published a recent article that goes into details on answering the question ‘can women take testosterone?’ Here we talk about the many benefits. Click the below link to read our recent publication:

The Forgotten Hormone for Women’s Health



Get Ripped for the Summer

Summer time is right around the corner and it’s time to get your body in shape so you can show it off. It’s time to get ripped. There are 3 areas we want to address that will help you cut body fat so your hard earned muscle is displayed.

Diet to Cut Body Fat

The most imperative area we need to address for getting ripped is your diet. You have to dial in what foods your body responds to best in regards to boosting your metabolism and giving you energy. Some key points are:

> Plenty of lean protein

> Moderate complex carbs

> Adequate healthy fats

> Cut out processed foods

> Cut out high-sugar and artificial foods

> Eat organic as much as possible

Workouts to Get Ripped

Just showing up to the gym won’t cut it when you’re trying to get ripped. You need a precise blend of both weight training and cardiovascular workouts. A good rule of thumb is to train with weights for 30 minutes followed by 30 minutes of cardio.

1 Hour Workout

> 30 minutes of weight training

> 30 minutes of cardio

Supplements to Get Cut

You may typically expect to see us talk about fat burning supplements here. Rather, we’re going to talk about the benefits of boosting your testosterone levels to get ripped. You don’t want to just lose weight; you want to lose fat. You also want to build lean muscle and show off your muscle definition. This is why we recommend testosterone boosters over fat burners.

We have a small handful of high quality testosterone boosters that we recommend. For this particular blog we’re going to recommend TestoFuel as it’s been our #1 rated testosterone boosting supplement since we’ve gone live. Click on the link below to read our full review of TestoFuel and integrate this powerful supplement into your plan to get ripped for the summer.

TestoFuel Testosterone Booster Real Results





Vitamin D3 and Testosterone

There’s no shortage of performance enhancing supplements and testosterone boosters. Pick up any fitness or bodybuilding magazine and you’ll be smothered with supplement ads on almost every page. Where as these supplements can indeed help us reach our goals faster, they’re by no means a substitute for proper nutrition. At the same time, supplements may be helpful to get attain the proper dose of Vitamin D3 to increase testosterone levels.

Increasing Testosterone through Nutrition

So while you’re on the topic of nutrition let’s talk specifically about foods that are high in Vitamin D3. Fatty fish is your best bet. And bodybuilders, who are always looking for ways to increase testosterone levels, are fond of salmon. Along with fish, oysters are very high in Vitamin D. Milk is also another natural source of Vitamin D but many are lactose intolerant and milk may not be friendly if you’re dieting for a competition.

Can Vitamin D3 Increase Testosterone?

Now that we’ve covered some of the foods you can eat to get your daily intake of Vitamin D let’s talk about how this vitamin increases testosterone. There have been several studies done having a controlled group supplement with Vitamin D3. Although the testosterone levels aren’t typically substantial with just taking Vitamin D3. the increase in testosterone is notable. There seems to be a direct correlation between Vitamin D3 and increased testosterone.

If you notice, many testosterone boosters contain Vitamin D3 although many may not contain an adequate dose to be effective. There are a few supplements we’ve run across that help increase testosterone with Vitamin D3 on the label. We also mentioned oysters above in our blurb about nutrition. Our top rated testosterone not only contains the adequate dose of Vitamin D3 but it’s also packed with a new ingredient called Oyster Extract. Read more in the link below why we recommend this powerful supplement to everyone that’s wants to increase their testosterone.


TestoFuel New



Prohormone Alternatives

We posted a blog last week about the recent prorhormone ban. We see this as both good and bad. The downside if there are so many other substances that are far more harmful that are still legal. The upside is some of these prohormones were downright dangerous. Fortunately we offer a specific line of supplements that we feel are just as effective as prohormones but safer, and legal.

We have full reviews post for all Crazy Mass supplements, which are safe and effective prohormone alternatives. All of these muscle building supplements and testosterone boosters are 100% legal and contain no harmful or banned substances. They are made to give you steroid-like effects in terms of helping you get stronger and build more muscle mass. But there are no side effects, no health risks, and of course no legal ramifications.

Crazy Mass Supplement Line

Crazy Mass covers every angle of our world including strength building, bulking, cutting, physique enhancing, and extreme fat burning supplements. These powerful products mainly fall under the testosterone booster category. Although each supplement is unique, they all raise an anabolic response.

Crazy Mass Direct from Manufacturer

One of the things we really like about Crazy Mass is the fact that they’re exclusive. You can’t buy these at your normal vitamin store; you purchase directly from the manufacturer. Also, Crazy Mass has their own pre made stacks such mass stack, cutting stack, strength stack and more. But you don’t have the stack them; Crazy Mass supplements work quite well on their own.

Let us clarify that Crazy Mass supplements are not steroids and they are not prohormones. You will, however, notice the names of the products are similar to anabolic substances (Deckadrolone D-KA, Testosterone Max, Trenbalone TREN-BAL, Anadrolone A-DROL, D-BAL, PARAVAR P-VAR, Winnidrol and more). Although the names mimic those of illegal anabolics, they’re safe and legal, and simply put, they work.



Prohormone Ban 2014

This seems to happen every few years and it’s happened again. There’s a new prohormone ban in the United States that went into effect the end of 2014 on December 11th. This is part of what’s called the Designer Anabolic Steroid Act of 2014. This basically covers all supplements that has a chemical structure similar any real steroid that’s listed. There are other countries with similar laws on steroids and designer steroids, some of which are more strict and have harsher penalties.

Is Banning Prohormones Good or Bad?

There are two sides to this. One is many of us don’t want to government telling us what we can and can’t take. There are people like die everyday from the abuse of alcohol and cigarettes, which are legal in the U.S. So it doesn’t make sense that people cannot take a supplement known to enhance their physique at their own risk.

There are probably more upsides to this prohormone ban. For starters, a lot of these designer steroids are downright dangerous. Some of these supplements have side effects that are more potent than taking real steroids. There’s also a lack of research and guidelines in manufacturing these designer steroids. So the question is posed ‘what are you really putting into your body and what’s the long-term impact?’

Another positive side to this prohormone ban is this puts pressure on supplement companies to come up with legitimate and legal compounds to help us reach our goals. This will ramp up competition between supplement researchers and manufacturers. We should expect to see a new line of enhanced testosterone boosters that surpass the positive effects of prohormones but without the dangerous side effects.

Prohormone Alternatives

We have reviewed a few solid testosterone boosters that safe, legal, and extremely effective with no side effects. Our top testosterone booster is one we’ve been promoting since day 1. Check out our full TestoFuel Review for more information and our results.



TestoFuel New