Bulking Cycle Diet Plan

When it’s mass season the only concern you have is to gain as much muscle as you possibly can. This is where our bulking cycle diet comes in handy. Although your meals still need to be somewhat healthy your diet isn’t near as strict as, let’s say, a cutting diet. In other words you’ll sacrifice gaining a few pounds of fat to build even more muscle mass during the bulking phase.

This goes without saying but it’s important that if you’re eating for mass you should be training for mass. This means ‘lifting some heavy ass weights’ (paraphrased from Ronnie Coleman, 8-time Mr. Olympia). You want to get the most out of this bulking phase and going heavy is the only way to do that. The excess calories will help you get stronger. This is how we overload the muscle, which in turn leads to more mass.

Meal Plan for Bulking Phase

Like most of our meal plans, our bulking cycle diet has you eating plenty of protein. The greatest difference is you’ll also be eating far more carbs than you’re probably used to. This can be tricky and will often be the determining factor of how much body fat you gain during the bulking phase. Although there’s a greater degree of leniency on what you eat, you still need to be conscience of the types of foods you’re taking in.

Meal 1

Whole eggs
Bagel with cream cheese

Meal 2

Protein shake
– whey protein
– yogurt
– oatmeal
– fruit (berries)

Meal 3

Ground turkey or beef

Meal 4

Mixed vegetables

Meal 5

Mixed vegetables

Meal 6

Protein shake
– casein protein powder
– natural peanut butter
– banana

Helpful Tips to Gain Mass

> Keep hydrated throughout the day

> Lift heavy weights

> Eat on schedule, even if you’re not hungry

> Have someone monitor your progress

> Make sure you’re gaining more muscle and not so much fat

> Don’t neglect cardio; do cardio 3 x a week

Testosterone During Bulking Cycle

A high quality testosterone booster is almost deemed as a necessity during the bulking phase. You want to cover every angle of what it takes to build muscle. You’ve got your diet in check, you’re training heavy, and you also need to take the right types of supplements so support growth. There’s no better supplement for this than one that increases your testosterone.

We’re listing our top testosterone boosters in the link below, in which we have thorough reviews for each. As our mission statement says, one of our goals is to point you in the right direction, helping you save time and money by recommending products that actually work. Read more about out Top testosterone Boosters here.