Cutting Cycle Diet Plan

One of the most challenging diets to is a strict cutting diet. This is where protein is bumped up and carbs are cut back. The cutting phase is what bodybuilders and physique competitors go through for several weeks before their competition. This is an extremely critical time as the goal is to get your body fat percentage down in the single digits while maintaining as much lean muscle as possible.

The types of foods you eat are important when cutting but the amount of calories you’re taking in are just as crucial. You really have to individualize this this meal plan. By no means is this an Atkins diet but you may notice that the carbs are lower than our other meal plans and the protein is high along with some healthy fats. We’re not advocates of no carbs, or extremely low carbs. However, when you’re cutting, you usually have to decrease your carb intake.

Meal Plan for Cutting Phase

One thing we’d like to point out for out cutting cycle diet is that everyone is different in the respect that what works for one person may not work for another. This is just a template to use and build on. We’ve found that some respond better to more carbs than others. The same goes with fats. The key is to make sure you’re getting healthy sources of both and you can adjust them accordingly. You won’t see any meals on here that are high in both carbs and fats together as this can wreak havoc on the fat burning process.

Meal 1

Egg whites
Turkey bacon

Meal 2
Tuna salad
(tuna with vegetables)

Meal 3

Fish (tilapia)
Red potatoes

Meal 4

Protein shake
(whey protein with natural peanut butter)

Meal 5

Boneless/skinless chicken breast
Green vegetables

Meal 6

Cottage cheese

Helpful Tips to Get Cut

> Drink plenty of water with meals and between meal

> Keep the sources of protein lean

> Don’t combine carbs and fats (within reason)

> Eat all natural and organic foods

> Cook meats with olive oil

> Continue training (weights and cardio)

> Consider taking extra BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids)

Testosterone During Cutting Cycle

Supplements can have the most impact on your physique during the cutting phase. This is when your diet is super clean so your body is going to soak in everything on top of that. We recommend taking more amino acids during this time and also a strong testosterone booster. Granted, there’s no miracle pill or magical supplement that’s going to grant inhuman results. But a solid test booster will indeed help you reach your goal faster of getting cut whole holding onto your hard earned muscle.

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