Fat Burning Diet Plan

Burning fat is a little different than merely losing weight. The goal here is to attain a defined body and allow your abs to be seen. You need the proper nutrition to support muscle recovery but limited calories to burn fat.

The types of food you eat in this diet plan are extremely important. The key is to give your body what it needs to use as energy. You’ll need that energy because in order to really get ripped and burn fat effectively you’ll need to be on a consistent exercise program. You’ll need both resistance training as cardio.

Meal Plan to Burn Fat

Our ‘fat burning diet plan’ is a well-balanced and healthy diet. We don’t buy into the no carbs or low carb trends. Rather, we choose our carbs carefully. We also recommend a certain amount of healthy fats in your diet. You can adjust the portions of each meal depending on your current stats and goal.

Meal 1

Eggs (whole)
Egg whites

Meal 2

Lean sirloin
Red potatoes

Meal 3

Cottage cheese
Fruit (mixed berries)

Meal 4

Chicken breast
Broccoli and carrots

Meal 5

Whey protein
Natural peanut butter

Helpful Fat Burning Tips

> Stay hydrated

> Eat lean sources of protein

> Stay away from simple carbs

> Eliminate artificial sweeteners

> Train with weights and do cardio

Testosterone to Burn Fat

One of the best ways for men to burn fat is through boosting their testosterone. There are endless health benefits to having increased test levels. With that comes a lean, defined body and decreased body fat.

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