Muscle Building Diet Plan

There’s only one proven way to build muscle. It’s not anabolics. It’s not supplements. There are no magical number of sets or reps. It’s food. If you want to build lean muscle mass you need the proper nutrition for recovery and growth. That’s the bottom line.

There’s a fine line between gaining muscle and getting fat. It’s somewhat tricky because you need the calories to grow but you don’t want to gain body fat in the interim. That being said you want to make sure you’re already lean before you start this type of diet.

Meal Plan to Build Muscle

Our ‘muscle building diet plan’ is designed to help you build more muscle. This being the case, you probably won’t lose any body fat (which is why we stated above you need to be somewhat lean before starting this diet). However, you don’t want to gain fat either. You’ll need to choose your types of calories carefully.

Meal 1

Eggs (whole)
Turkey sausage

Meal 2

Protein shake
– whey protein
– banana
– natural peanut butter

Meal 3

Lean ground beef
Whole wheat pasta

Meal 4

Cottage cheese

Meal 5

Chicken or turkey

Meal 6

Protein shake
– whey protein
– natural peanut butter

Helpful Muscle Building Tips

> Drink water with each meal

> Load up on protein

> Eat quality carbs

> Eat only healthy fats

> Workout with heavy weights

> Don’t neglect cardio

Testosterone to Build Muscle

It’s no secret that increasing testosterone is a must for building muscle. Boosting test will help you get stronger, recover faster, and will also help keep your body fat down. A solid diet plan like this combined with a high quality testosterone booster is a recipe for muscle mass. Our best testosterone booster has TestoFuel since we started this site. It’s one of the few supplements that live up to its claims in boosting test and gaining muscle.