Weight Loss Diet Plan

It’s no secret that losing body fat starts by addressing your diet. You need the right types of foods that your body can use for energy. It’s also proven that it’s best to eat several small meals per day. This boosts your metabolism, helping your body burn fat more efficiently throughout the day.

Likewise, there are foods that can reek havoc on your metabolism and body’s ability to burn excess fat. There are some foods that your body cannot process, thus are often stored as fat. This makes it almost impossible to lose weight. So it’s important to get the proper nutrition you need to function and help keep those extra pounds off.

Meal Plan to Lose Weight

We’re calling this our ‘weight loss diet plan’ as it’s catered to those that are desperate to lose those extra pounds and be healthy. This is a sample diet  and you will need to adjust the portions accordingly. You should note that exercise is imperative when going for weight loss. In fact, you don’t want to just lose weight, but rather burn body fat. Make sure you implement an exercise program while on the below diet.

Meal 1

Eggs (whole)

Meal 2

Chicken breast (boneless/skinless)
Brown rice
Cup of fruit

Meal 3

Greek yogurt

Meal 4

Fish (salmon)
Sweet potato
Cup of vegetables

Meal 5 (optional)

Cottage cheese

Helpful Weight Loss Tips

> Drink plenty of water

> Stay away from processed foods

> Cut out foods high in sugar

> Eat plenty of fiber

> Exercise daily

Testosterone to Lose Weight

Many think that fat burners are the best supplement to lose weight and shredded. Where as there may be some truth to that, there’s actually a better type of supplement to help you drop body fat. When you boost testosterone levels your body will be able to build more lean muscle, which in turn helps burn fat. Increased testosterone levels also promote overall health in men and can boost your metabolism.

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