Power Foods

Power FoodsWe’re constantly looking for ways to boost performance, build lean muscle, and burn fat. The most natural way to do this is through food. The old saying ‘you are what you eat’ can’t be more true. Have you analyzed how you felt after eating a bunch of junk food? You probably felt run down, tired, and lacked energy.

You also probably remember how your body feels after eating a healthy nutritious meal. You’re more energetic, vibrant, and focused. Here are just a few foods we called Power Foods that are geared towards enhancing performance, building lean muscle tissue, and shedding unwanted body fat.

The Power of Eggs

Whole eggs are loaded with amino acids and essential vitamins. Many consider eggs to be the perfect protein. Egg yolks also have healthy fats and are known to raise good cholesterol levels while reducing bad cholesterol.

Lean Beef for Power

Saturated fats get a bad rap, and it’s true that too much can cause health problems. But a little bit of saturated fat in your diet is actually proven to naturally increase testosterone. Lean ground beef and lean cuts of steak can also do wonders in boosting muscle and strength gains.

Chicken Breast for Lean Muscle

We all know that skinless boneless chicken breasts is one of the best sources of lean protein. Chicken is a prime choice for bodybuilders wanting to get into shredded condition while preserving their hard-earned muscle when dieting. Most people in general respond well to chicken in regards to muscle gains and enhanced energy levels.

Fish for Health and Fitness

Certain types of fish have a perfect blend of protein and healthy fats. This combination can help increase lean muscle substantially while burning body fat. Like chicken, fish is also a top choice for many bodybuilders and athletes who need to build muscle while maintain a low percentage of body fat.

Oatmeal for Ideal Carbs

Oatmeal is considered by many the perfect complex carbohydrate. It’s low on the glycemic index which means it breaks down slowly, releasing glucose at a gradual rate instead of spiking your insulin. Obviously stay away from oatmeal that contains added sugar.

Green Vegetables for Total Health

Most of us grew up being told to eat our vegetables, especially greens. Vegetables such as spinach and broccoli have a tremendous impact on maintaining good health. Green vegetables are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

There are many more types of foods that be considered Power Foods. If you’re struggling with low energy and stamina, this list of foods is a great place to start. Diet and nutrition are the most important factors for building muscle and burning fat. Not to mention, these power foods can also help increase testosterone. Training is important, and there are many testosterone and strength boosting supplements that can help you get results faster. But you simply won’t get stronger or leaner without addressing your diet first.



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