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Best Test Booster 2015

In this week’s post we’d like to talk about our best test booster in 2015. We reviewed an array of testosterone boosters this past year so there was a lot of competition.

What We Look for in Test Boosters

Before we go forward, we’d like to point a few attributes we look for in testosterone boosters. The marketing is a bit aggressive on supplements in general, so we don’t pay much attention of the outrageous claims. We realize this is a marketing strategy. But we dig far deeper than that.


Are the ingredients on the label proven to be effective?


Are the ingredients effectively dosed?

Side Effects

Are there any harmful ingredients or known side effects?


Does it produce noticeable results? aka: Does it work? 

The biggest problems we find with testosterone boosters are the first two above. The ingredients and the dosage of each ingredient. Beware of the labels with a long list of ingredients, some of which you can’t pronounce. And check the dosage. Many test boosters are vastly under-dosed.

Our #1 Test Booster in 2015

TestoFuel has been our top supplement since we opened this site. And it remains so. The label contains a unique blend of ingredients that are effective, and more so, compliment the effects of one another. In short, it’s unmatched.

We also chose TestoFuel (again) because it simply works, and it works quite well. It’s also safe and there are no harmful side effects. It does not hinder your natural testosterone production. Rather, it helps you body produce more free testosterone.

Don’t get us wrong. TestoFuel is not a magic pill and it’s not going to make you gain 30 lbs of muscle in 30 days or increase your bench by 100 lbs overnight. But if you’re training hard and you’re consistent with your diet, TestoFuel will do wonders for your physique and strength.

Another bonus of taking TestoFuel is you can use it during a bulking or cutting phase. It doesn’t make you bloat or hold water. Just adjust your diet and training to meet your goals.

You can read our full review here:


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