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Prohormone Alternatives

We posted a blog last week about the recent prorhormone ban. We see this as both good and bad. The downside if there are so many other substances that are far more harmful that are still legal. The upside is some of these prohormones were downright dangerous. Fortunately we offer a specific line of supplements that we feel are just as effective as prohormones but safer, and legal.

We have full reviews post for all Crazy Mass supplements, which are safe and effective prohormone alternatives. All of these muscle building supplements and testosterone boosters are 100% legal and contain no harmful or banned substances. They are made to give you steroid-like effects in terms of helping you get stronger and build more muscle mass. But there are no side effects, no health risks, and of course no legal ramifications.

Crazy Mass Supplement Line

Crazy Mass covers every angle of our world including strength building, bulking, cutting, physique enhancing, and extreme fat burning supplements. These powerful products mainly fall under the testosterone booster category. Although each supplement is unique, they all raise an anabolic response.

Crazy Mass Direct from Manufacturer

One of the things we really like about Crazy Mass is the fact that they’re exclusive. You can’t buy these at your normal vitamin store; you purchase directly from the manufacturer. Also, Crazy Mass has their own pre made stacks such mass stack, cutting stack, strength stack and more. But you don’t have the stack them; Crazy Mass supplements work quite well on their own.

Let us clarify that Crazy Mass supplements are not steroids and they are not prohormones. You will, however, notice the names of the products are similar to anabolic substances (Deckadrolone D-KA, Testosterone Max, Trenbalone TREN-BAL, Anadrolone A-DROL, D-BAL, PARAVAR P-VAR, Winnidrol and more). Although the names mimic those of illegal anabolics, they’re safe and legal, and simply put, they work.



Prohormone Ban 2014

This seems to happen every few years and it’s happened again. There’s a new prohormone ban in the United States that went into effect the end of 2014 on December 11th. This is part of what’s called the Designer Anabolic Steroid Act of 2014. This basically covers all supplements that has a chemical structure similar any real steroid that’s listed. There are other countries with similar laws on steroids and designer steroids, some of which are more strict and have harsher penalties.

Is Banning Prohormones Good or Bad?

There are two sides to this. One is many of us don’t want to government telling us what we can and can’t take. There are people like die everyday from the abuse of alcohol and cigarettes, which are legal in the U.S. So it doesn’t make sense that people cannot take a supplement known to enhance their physique at their own risk.

There are probably more upsides to this prohormone ban. For starters, a lot of these designer steroids are downright dangerous. Some of these supplements have side effects that are more potent than taking real steroids. There’s also a lack of research and guidelines in manufacturing these designer steroids. So the question is posed ‘what are you really putting into your body and what’s the long-term impact?’

Another positive side to this prohormone ban is this puts pressure on supplement companies to come up with legitimate and legal compounds to help us reach our goals. This will ramp up competition between supplement researchers and manufacturers. We should expect to see a new line of enhanced testosterone boosters that surpass the positive effects of prohormones but without the dangerous side effects.

Prohormone Alternatives

We have reviewed a few solid testosterone boosters that safe, legal, and extremely effective with no side effects. Our top testosterone booster is one we’ve been promoting since day 1. Check out our full TestoFuel Review for more information and our results.



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