Test Boosters

There’s a multitude of natural testosterone boosting supplements on the market. It’s hard to know which supplements work, and which one’s don’t.

Our goal is to guide you to the ones that do with our test booster reviews.

Our Premium Testosterone Booster Reviews

While you’ll find reviews on several testosterone boosters, the below three have proven to be the most effective testosterone supplements.

There links below will take you directly to the product review page.

TestoFuel – Anabolic Support Complex: One of the most potent all natural testosterone boosters that contains a high level of proven ingredients and nutrients.

TestoFuel test booster

Jacked Up+ – ASR : A safe and natural test boosting supplement containing proven ingredients with modernized nutrient delivery.

ASR Jacked Up+ Test Booster

Prime Male Review – The only effective testosterone booster for older men to increase strength and libido.

PrimeMale Test Booster

Our Testosterone Supplement Reviews

A-HD – BPI: Androgenic and estrogenic modulator that increases testosterone and acts as a hardening agent.

Activate Extreme – Driven Sports: Powerful anabolic catalyst that uses multiple pathway technology to increase testosterone and balance estrogen levels.

Ageless Male – New Vitality: Increase sexual drive and performance with Ageless Male.

Alpha Jym – Jym: Supplement that helps produce more free testosterone and reduce body fat while maintaining lean muscle.

Anatropin – Gaspari Nutrition: Boosts testosterone levels while controlling estrogen, and gives you an alpha-male attitude.

Anavar – Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals: Anavar contains 21 muscle building agents as well as Arginase, which is the only true nitric oxide enhancer.

Animal Stak – Universal Nutrition: Anabolic support stack that increases testosterone, GH, and IGF-1.

Animal Test – Universal Nutrition: Enhances testosterone and promotes a healthy estrogen balance through two potent paths, a pro-androgen complex and a hypertrophic response complex.

ANOTEST – MuscleTech: Muscle building supplement that increases testosterone levels, free testosterone, reduces cortisol, and enhances recovery.

APE – Athletic Edge Nutrition: Alpha performance enhancer that supports testosterone, body composition, and performance with TestoSurge and GlycoCarn.

Axis HT – BSN: Pro-testosterone supplement that promotes your body’s ability to produce testosterone and increase muscel mass and strength.

Battle Fuel XT – MusclePharm: Advanced 4 stage testosterone system that maximizes natural testosterone output.

Bioforge – Biotivia: All natural testosterone booster that also enhances performance, increases nitric oxide and vascularity, and also acts as a thermogenic.

Boost Elite: One of Amazon’s top sellers for testosterone boosters. Also provide energy and mental support.

Bulk Drops – AMS: Mass and strength formula that’s not toxic to the liver and controls estrogen levels.

D-POL – Purus Labs: D-POL is a powerful supplement that increases free testosterone, LH, ATP, and oxygen.

Gamma-O – Gamma Labs: Boosts testosterone, increases strength, and reduces body fat using Gamma Oryzanol as the main ingredient.

High T Black – Hardcore Formulation: Hardcore natural testosterone booster that increases libido, strength and stamina.

Jacked Up+ – ASR : A safe and natural test boosting supplement containing proven ingredients with modernized nutrient delivery.

Mass Drops – AMS: Promotes lean, dry gains and increases strength without water retention. Liquid formula makes it more bioavailable.

Nugenix Natural Testosterone Booster – All natural testosterone booster that enahnces sex drive, muscle mass, and viality.

P6 Black – Cellucor: Strength and muscle mass enhancer that uses nootropic testosterone technology to boost T levels.

P6 Chrome – Cellucor: Multi-purpose test booster for increasing lean muscle and sex drive.

P6 Extreme – Cellucor: Testosterone booster that blocks estrogen, controls DHT conversion, and suitable for strength and mass gains.

Prime Male Review – The only effective testosterone booster for men over 30.

Power Test Review – MuscleMeds: Power Test from MuscleMeds is geared towards increasing strength. It includes a powerful anabolic/anti-catabolic formula.

Roid Rage Review – USC: This is a Tribulus Terrestris based testosterone booster that claims to have the strongest extract of Tribes available.

Six Star Testosterone Booster: Inexpensive natural test booster from the makers of Muscle Tech.

Status – Blue Star Nutraceuticals: Boosts test and libido by increasing free testosterone and controlling estrogen.

Sustanon 250 – Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals: Bodybuilding’s most anabolic single-dosed testosterone booster with an inner and outer coating for extreme effectiveness.

Syntheroid – XPI: Increases test levels by promoting protein synthesis and the growth of protein tissues.

T-Bomb II – MHP: Optimizes testosterone production, supports hormone receptor signal, minimizes the conversion to DHT, and supports healthy estrogen levels.

TEST FREAK – PharmaFreak: Supports increased free testosterone allowing your body to produce more test.

TEST WORx – Superior Labs: Enhances muscle growth by increasing serum testosterone levels.

Test X180 Alpha – Force Factor: Boosts testosterone and libido, increases strength and muscle mass.

Test X180 Ignite – Force Factor: Test booster and fat burner in one supplement. Also increase energy and sex drive.

TestoFuel – Anabolic Support Complex: One of the most potent all natural testosterone boosters that contains a high level of proven ingredients and nutrients.

TestoGen: Natural testosterone enhancer that elevates energy, mood, sex drive, and stamina along with building lean muscle and losing fat.

TestoTurbo – Explicit Nutrition: Testosterone enhancement that boosts strength, lean muscle gains, eliminates stubborn body fat, elevates mood, and enhances libido.

Testrol – GAT: Dual-phased pro testosterone designed to boost strength, explosive power, and virility.

Tribex – Biotest: Herbal blend that increases the availability of testosterone in your body.

Urevive Testosterone Booster Review – Safe and natural men’s vitality supplement to increase testosterone, libido, energy, and mood.

Testosterone Supplements

As you can see we’re reviewed countless test boosters. Whereas we really have not come across many supplements that outright do not work, there are some that produce far better results than others.

This is why we dedicate the time and energy to reviewing the popular test boosters as they come on the market. Part of our mission is to help you save time and money, and choose the right supplement for your goals.

Not All Test Boosters Are Equal

The truth is not all test boosters are created equal. Most of them work a little. There are a few that just don’t to crap. And there are a small handful of test boosters that work extremely well.

The two things we lean on are the reputation of the brand and quality of the ingredients. You can have two test boosters with the exact same label yet get completely different results. Quality ingredients are just as important as the right ingredients.

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