Activate Extreme

Driven Sports Activate Extreme reviewWhen we heard about the release of Activate Extreme we knew not to expect the typical ingredients you see on the label of many other testosterone boosters. Driven Sports supplements are known for containing a unique blend of ingredients. Activate Extreme contains a blend of herbs and extracts that increase testosterone levels by stimulating LH (luteinizing hormone) which may also enhance GH (growth hormone) production. There are also elements we found in our Activate Extreme review that are said to cut body fat and help you get leaner.

Driven Sports Activate Extreme is labeled as a powerful anabolic catalyst that uses multiple pathway technology to raise testosterone and build muscle. What makes this test booster so unique is that it contains SHGB, fighting stinging nettle extract Divanil. Activate Extreme uses other ingredients that you may not find in many testosterone boosters such as mucuna pruriens, bryonia laciniosa, and maca.

This supplement from Driven Sports supports increased free testosterone as well as adaptogenic support and healthy estrogen levels. Activate Extreme is said to help you gain lean muscle as well as lose body fat, bringing out muscle definition and vascularity. We’ll get more into the results in our Activate Extreme review below.

The Activate Extreme Experience

We didn’t notice any substantial changes during the first couple of weeks of taking Driven Sports Activate Extreme. Some testosterone boosters take a while to see or feel any effects. During week three we started noticing changes in our physique. Muscles were harder and looking leaner. However, we did not notice any substantial strength gains.

The most noticeable effect from our Activate Extreme review was body fat was being drastically reduced. Keep in mind the review is based on Activate Extreme as being the only testosterone booster being taken. We’ve seen that several others have stacked Activate Extreme with other testosterone boosters, mainly Driven Sports Triazole, and have gotten enhanced results in both muscle and strength gains as well as increased vascularity and muscle definition.

Pros: Lean muscle gains, extreme fat loss, harder muscles, increased vascularity, and better pumps.

Cons: May not give you the desired effects on it’s own; may be best to stack with another testosterone booster.

Activate Extreme Label – Ingredients

Activate Extreme has two major blends on the label (Core Test and Levo Test). These blends are under the Activate Proprietary Blend. As you know, we’re not huge fans of proprietary blends in supplements and testosterone boosters. This has to do with not knowing how much of each individual ingredient that you’re getting or if its an effective dose of each ingredient. None the less, the ingredients are backed by research and seem to be effective at increasing testosterone and balancing estrogen levels.

Driven Sports Activate Extreme Label:

> Core Test – Divanil (Proprietary Urtica Dioica Extract Containing SHBG Binding And Aromatase Inhibiting Lignans Including 3,4-Divanillyltetrahydrofuran And Secoisolariciresinol), Mucuna Pruriens SE (20% L-Dopa), Maca Root PE 20:1 (Lepidium Meyenii)

> Levo Test – Bryonia Laciniosa Seed PE 10:1, L-Dopa (Standardized 95% Extract Of Mucuna Pruriens), PZole (Proprietary Extract Of Brassaiopsis Glumerulata), Vitamin D (As D3 Cholecalciferol)

Driven Sports Activate Extreme also contains a hefty dose of Vitamin D. Vitamin D on its own can be a powerful means of naturally increasing testosterone levels. The label instructs you to take one serving (two capsules) two to three times per day. It’s recommended to take Activate Extreme for four to eights weeks, not exceeding eight weeks.

Conclusion – Activate Extreme Review

Driven Sports Activate Extreme seems to be more for gaining lean muscle and cutting body fat. This testosterone boosters seems to be geared towards shaping your physique. We’re not sure we would recommend Activate Extreme for a mass cycle, or if you’re goal is to get stronger. Of course people respond differently to supplements, especially ones that are said to increase testosterone levels.

It seems that most people that take Activate Extreme stack it with another testosterone boosting supplement. Driven Sports makes another type of testosterone booster called Triazole, which is more for balancing hormones and supporting healthy estrogen levels. On a side note from our Activate Extreme review, we found that Driven Sports Triazole is often stacked with Activate Extreme for optimal results.