Ageless Male Review

New Vitality Ageless Male ReviewWelcome to our Ageless Male review from a company called New Vitality. We didn’t know much about New Vitality supplements before trying this natural testosterone booster but after looking at the label and doing a little research we had one of our testers give it a try. New Vitality seems to focus more on men’s health and women’s health rather than bodybuilding and performance enhancing supplements. This is a breath of fresh as because supplement companies that focus on just bodybuilding and fat loss are a dime a dozen. New Vitality caters to long term health which is someone our society lacks.

Ageless Male is in the category of natural testosterone boosters. It claims to boost free testosterone levels, increase sex drive and sexual performance, helps promote energy metabolism, and also promotes lean muscle when used with a strength training program. Taking New Vitality Ageless Male also supports a better sense of well being. This helps men maintain active lifestyles leading to optimum levels of health. As stated, a healthy sex drive is one of the greatest benefits we found in our Ageless Male review, which this is also proof of increased testosterone levels.

The Ageless Male Experience

In this Ageless Male review we found that this supplement indeed lives up to its claims of boosting your sex drive and performance. This is a known issue in older men as natural testosterone levels decrease year after year. We noticed enhanced libido and a substantial increase in sexual desire. Energy is another prominent result from taking New Vitality Ageless Male. Not only did we have more energy for workouts and in the bedroom, but the energy was consistent throughout the day.

There were no substantial strength gains with Ageless Male. And we didn’t notice any of the muscle building benefits we’ve gotten from other testosterone boosters. However, Ageless Male isn’t advertised as a bodybuilding or strength training supplement. The energy for workouts was there but again, not crazy strength gains or extreme muscle gains. The one thing we did notice was overall body composition was in enhanced and a decrease in body fat.

Ageless Male Review – Benefits: Noticeable enhancement in sexual performance and desire, increased libido, more energy throughout the day, greater sense of well-being.

Ageless Male Review – Cons: Not a supplement for one simply looking to gain muscle or get stronger.

Ageless Male Ingredients

We were surprised to see in our Ageless Male review that most of the ingredients are what we’ve seen in many other testosterone boosters. One of those ingredients on the Ageless Male label is Testofen, which is a powerful form of Fenugreek. It also contains the ingredients that make up the ZMA formula. ZMA has been around for many years and many claim ZMA helps boost their testosterone levels.

New Vitality Ageless Male Label:

Vitamin B6




Conclusion on Ageless Male Review

We’ve concluded in our Ageless Male review that it’s definitely not for the majority of our subscribers as most of you, like us, are looking to build muscle. It’s not to say that this product can’t help because remember, most of your muscle gains will come from training and nutrition. However, we also know there are testosterone boosters that can give you that extra edge you need to break past plateaus.

New Vitality Ageless Male is probably more older men that are looking to increase their sex drive and have more energy. Many older men have problems in the area of sexual performance and overall energy. We all know this is due to the decrease in testosterone levels as we age. In our Ageless Male review we found that it seems to bring back some of that vigor. But again, don’t look to Ageless Male as a bodybuilding or muscle building supplement.