Anatropin Review

Anatropin reviewGaspari Nutrition has come out with some worthy testosterone boosters over the years. We remember their Novedex XT supplement being a huge hit and it was one of the few testosterone boosters that actually worked. That being said, we were excited to hear about their new test booster Anatropin. We figured if it was like any other Gaspari supplement, we’d better get ready for some solid results.

Gaspari Anatropin is advertised to boost test levels, control estrogen, and grant you a true alpha-male attitude. The key to Anatropin is to boost natural testosterone levels and control estrogen at the same time. Many test boosters claim they do that, but not all of them do a great job of it (it’s either better at one or the other). Anatropin is also said to drastically increase libido and drive.

The Anatropin Experience

Gaspari Anatropin is not one of those testosterone supplements you feel working immediately. In other words there’s no added stimulants. The ingredients are formulated simply to boost testosterone and control estrogen.

After about two weeks into our Anatripin review we started seeing changes in our body composition. Muscle definition and vascularity are the prominent effects of taking Anatropin. An extreme boost in libido is also something you may experience with this testosterone booster. Extreme strength and mass gains aren’t reported as much as lean muscle gains and body composition changes.

Pros: Lean, dry muscle gains, enhanced body composition, increased libido.

Cons: Some say Anatropin does not work as well as some of the past testosterone boosters from Gaspari Nutrition.

Anatropin Label – Ingredients

Anatropin mainly consists of Vitamin D3, Zinc and a proprietary blend. As you all know we’re not a fan of proprietary blends. You’re taking a chance when you use a supplement with proprietary blends. However, we also understand the need to not disclose every detail of their label to their competitors.

Going by Gaspari’s pristine reputation in the supplement industry, we have no concerns about the proprietary blend in Anatropin. The formula is very simple, and there have been human studies and research on the ingredients showing Anatropin can significantly boost testosterone levels.

Gaspari Anatropin Label:

> Anatropin Proprietary Blend – Velvet Bean Extract (Seed), Brassaiopsis Glomerulata Extract (Leaf), Anacyclus Pyrethrum DC Extract (Root).

Anatropin also contains hefty doses of Vitamin D3 and Zinc. The label instructs you to take two capsules in the morning on an empty stomach and an additional capsule six to eight hours later that day. You’re also only supposed to take Anatropin for four weeks with a four week break per the label. Taking more than the recommended dose can cause unwanted side effects.

Conclusion on Anatropin Review

Gaspari Nutrition Anatropin seems to live up to it’s claims as all of the attributes from increased testosterone are there. It seems to do a good job at controlling estrogen levels. There’s no bloating or water weight gain that you get with some other test boosters. Lean, dry muscle gains are to be expected if you’re training hard and your diet is on track. Anatropin is a great test booster if you’re looking to increase testosterone, control your estrogen, and get that ripped and defined look.

Again, we’ve always been fans of Gaspari Nutrition supplements. With any natural testosterone booster you can’t expect exaggerated results. However, Anatropin does appears to deliver reasonably expected results. Anatropin is good for post cycle therapy (PCT – when coming off of a pro hormone cycle) and it’s also good used as a standalone supplement. Based on our Anatropin review, it’s certainly worth a try.