Animal Stak Review

Universal Nutrition Animal Stak reviewOne thing we can say about Universal Nutrition is that they’re one of the most reputable supplement companies that have stood the test of time, especially with their testosterone boosters. Although they’ve enhanced their supplement formulas from time to time based on new and proven research, the core of their supplements have remained the same. What that tells us is that Universal supplements can be trusted and we’ve always gotten solid results from their natural testosterone boosters. We’re going to now dig into our Universal’s Animal Stak review.

Universal Animal Stak is considered to be a complete anabolic support stack that claims to naturally enhance not only testosterone, but also GH and IGF-1 levels. Animal Stak also supports healthy estrogen, DHT, and cortisol levels. Along with these benefits include enhanced circulation for increased blood flow and better nutrient delivery.

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The Animal Stak Experience

This is going to sound like a stretch but we felt Animal Stak within the first week of taking it. After day three, we started feeling better pumps in the gym and that pump was attained off and on throughout the day. The strength gains didn’t come until about the end of the second week which was quickly followed by noticeable enhanced body composition and physique changes. Our muscles were also harder and fuller even hours after our workouts during our Universal Animal Stak review.

Animal Stak Review – Pros: Better pumps, better overall mood, strength gains, noticeable changes in physique, muscles were harder.

Animal Stak Review – Cons: We wish Animal Stak came in a full months’ supply rather than a mere 21 days.

Animal Stak Label – Ingredients

Like several other Universal Nutrition supplements, Animal Stak is loaded with ingredients. We applaud Universal for the way their ingredients are listed. Even though some of the blends seem like proprietary blends (meaning milligrams may be listed for more than one ingredient in a blend) there are only a few ingredients per blend (or complex in this case). All ingredients seem to be ones that are proven and relevant to each blend on the label.

Universal Animal Stak Label:

Natural Test Complex:  Tribulus Extract Complex, Longjack Extract Complex, Avena Sativa Extract

Growth Hormone Secretagogues: Mucuna Pruriens Extract, Alpha Glycerylphosphorylcholine

Vasodilator Complex: Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate (AKG), Arginine HCI

Aromatase Inhibitors: Calcium D-Glucarate, Diindolylmethane (DIM)

DHT Blockers: Beta Sitosterol, Saw Palmetto Extract, Quercetin

Cortisol Inhibitor Complex: Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Phosphatidylserine

Liver Detoxifiers: Lysophosphatidylcholine, Milk Thistle

Universal Animal Stak also contains Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Magnesium, Zinc, and Chromium. The Vitamin B6, Magnesium, and Zinc may sound familiar to you as that’s the contents of the ZMA formula. As you can see by the Animal Stak label this is far more than just a testosterone booster. As advertised, it’s a complete anabolic support stack.

Conclusion on Animal Stak

There are two main uses we see for using Animal Stak. One is if you’re looking for a mild testosterone booster without expecting substantial increases in muscle mass or strength. We’re not saying you won’t see gains; you indeed should see some gains. But they may not be as prominent as if you were taking a more potent testosterone booster. The second use for taking Animal Stak is to take it after a more potent test booster to keep or continue your gains.

Overall, our Universal Nutrition Animal Stak review shows it’s a solid testosterone boosting supplement. In fact, we see it as one of the better mild test boosters, and we’d even say it’s competitive to some of the more potent natural testosterone supplements. On a final note, we’ve seen that many take Animal Stak with or after a cycle of Universal’s Animal Test. Two cycles of Animal Test followed by a cycle of Animal Stak is said to be extremely beneficial for maximum muscle growth.