Axis-HT Review

BSN Axis-HT reviewBSN is known for their high quality supplements in the bodybuilding and fitness world. Their popularity in the supplement industry soared when they came out with the famous pre workout supplement N.O. Xplode. People were getting crazy pumps in the gym from N.O. Xplode. They followed that up with more high-end bodybuilding and performance enhancing supplements such as their post workout, Cell Mass. That being said, we were anxious to check out BSN’s testosterone booster in our Axis-HT review.

BSN Axis-HT is considered a pro-testosterone advertised to signal the body to increase its own natural testosterone production. Its testosterone support matrix is designed specifically for building muscle. Axis-HT supports production of testosterone and androgens, increased strength and power, and the growth of lean muscle tissue.

The Axis HT Experience

Younger weightlifters and/or hard gainers seem to benefit more from taking Axis-HT. Most of them noticed substantial gains in strength and increased muscle mass. Libido was also increased. However, it’s been stated that the recommended dose is not enough for experienced bodybuilders and weight trainers. Also, there are some that do not respond to Tribulus-based testosterone boosters which resulted in some negative reviews of Axis HT.

Axis-HT Review – Pros: Increased power and strength during workouts, and noticeable gains in muscle mass.

Axis-HT Review – Cons: Some have stated Axis-HT is a weaker testosterone booster and that it’s just another Tribulus product.

BSN Axis HT – Ingredients

There’s no doubt that BSN Axis-HT is loaded with ingredients proven to boost natural testosterone levels. Axis-HT is a Tribulus based test booster but there’s also other ingredients that complement one another. There is somewhat of a proprietary blend in the StAR-P2™ (Patent Pending) ANDROGENIC-ANABOLIC TESTOSTERONE MATRIX. As we’ve stated, we would rather see the amounts of each individual ingredients in these supplement matrix’s.

Axis-HT Label:


> Inositol Hexaphosphate

> TPS3™ (3 Fraction Tribulus Terrestris Composite Yielding A Precision Ratio Of Protodioscin And Saponin Concentrations)

> GF5™ (Proteinaceous Avian Nucleus Extract) Containing Naturally Occurring Growth Factors: IGF, FGF, NGF, EPF, GTCP)

> Safed Musli

> Eurycoma Longifolia

> Coleus Forskohlii (40% Forskolin)

Axis-HT also contains magnesium and zinc which is apart from the StAR-P2 matrix. The instructions on the label state to take two tablets three times per day, every day (preferably with meals; breakfast, lunch and dinner). It’s said for maximum results, take Axis HT for a full six weeks, however, do not exceed more than 12 weeks.

Conclusion on Axis HT Review

Our Axis-HT review shows that it certainly seems to appeal to bodybuilders and strength training athletes. This testosterone booster contains ingredients that cater to gaining muscle size, muscle definition, and increasing strength. Axis HT is noted to be an anabolic supplement, meaning that it’s meant to keep your muscles in an anabolic muscle building state. Some experienced lifters have taken more than the recommended dose on the label.

We never recommend straying too far from the label so if you’re experienced in bodybuilding. Also, if you do not respond to Tribulus testosterone boosters, you may want to look for something else. But if you’re a hard gainer looking to make gains in the gym, our BSN Axis-HT review shows that it may be worth a try.