Bioforge Review

Biotivia BioforgeThe problem with most supplements for bodybuilding and performance enhancement is they’re largely underdosed and the quality of the ingredients suffer. Of course every testosterone booster claims to have a clean label that delivers superior results. However, few actually live up to that claim.

Biotivia Bioforge is said to o be the new gold standard for enhancing muscle growth and performance. In fact, Bioforge makes a bold claim that it replaces several supplements. It’s above and beyond just your average test booster. Some of the benefits of Botivia Bioforge are enhanced muscle definition, reduced body fat, increased libido, increased testosterone levels, and hormone free.

The Bioforge Experience

Testing our Bioforge review was interesting as we were looking at several areas of performance. As stated, it claims to be a pre workout supplement (provide energy), testosterone boosters, anti-estrogen supplement, nitric oxide booster, thermogenic, and a non-hormonal muscle builder. That’s a ton of supplements to actually replace with one testosterone boosting-based supplement.

Our review of Bioforge starts out with a definite increase in energy and performance. This is a testosterone booster you actually feel working in your body. We also experience lean, dry gains with harder muscles. If you train in the mornings or afternoons, it’s not unusual to stay pumped throughout the rest of the day. Vascularity and more muscle definition is noticeable after the first week. There’s no gain in body fat or water weight. We noticed body fat levels continued to decrease during our Bioforge review.

Bioforge Review – Pros: Lean and dry muscle gains, increased vascularity and muscle definition, enhanced fat loss, substantial pumps, more energy and focus, pumps last long after workouts.

Bioforge Review – Cons: Some of the ingredients may lack research in regards to actually raising testosterone.

Bioforge Label – Ingredients

You’ll notice that Bioforge is a Longifolia based blend but there are some other extracts and natural ingredients listed that help compliment the Eurycoma Longifolia. Thought the label is simple and straight forward, there are some exotic ingredients and a ton of science behind each ingredient. However, there are no frills or hidden ingredients; no proprietary blends. The details of the Bioforge label are below.

Biotivia Bioforge Label:

> Primavie®* (Shilajit Fulvic Acid Complex)

> Sensoril®* (Ashwagandha Extract)

> EuryGold (Eurycoma Longifolia Standardized Extract)

> Zinc Picolinate, (Yields 6mg Of Zinc)

> Cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3)

> Piper Nigrum Extract (95% Piperine)

One great thing about we found in our Biotivia Bioforge review is the label has no fillers. They even state that in the description below the ingredient list. You’ll also notice there aren’t a ton of ingredients listed. Everything is explained and the amounts are listed out in detail.

Our Conclusion on Biotivia Bioforge

Biotivia Bioforge is certainly a good choice for a natural testosterone booster that grants more than just boosting T levels. Though we’re not fully convinced that it can replace the better pre workout supplements, Bioforge does help build rock solid muscle, burn fat, and increase vascularity and pumps. That being said, we recommend trying Biotivia Bioforge if you’re looking for lean, dry muscle gains.

Another note from our Bioforge review is that it can be used for a cutting or bulking cycle. Although your muscles gains will be lean muscle, your strength will increase allowing you to lift heavier weights to gain more muscle mass. Bioforge can be used for what is often referred to as a clean bulk.