Boost Elite Review

Boost Elite is listed as the best seller for most effective test booster on Amazon. We wanted to know what all the fuss is about so we decided to give you a full Boost Elite review to see if it holds up to our standards.

In this Boost Elite review, we’ll talk about what it claims to do, who it’s best for, the label, and our opinion (whether we feel it’s worth it).

About Boost Elite Test Booster

Boost Elite is a unique testosterone booster in the sense that it’s also considered an energy booster. This has become a common theme for supplements in general, making them a multipurpose supplement.

There are four areas of focus for our Boost Elite testosterone booster. We’ll cover all of them in our Boost Elite review below (this is what Boost Elite claims):

  • Energy Boost -Boost Elite supports the increase of free testosterone levels. By increasing your t-levels, this helps combat lethargy and loss of lean muscle mass. 
  • More Lean Muscle Less Fat – Boost Elite is not one of those test boosters that make you hold water and give you that puffy look, so it claims. Rather, the natural and clean ingredients help you pack on lean muscle and burn more fat, aka: clean gains
  • The Pump – This is the part that also makes Elite Boost align with a pre-workout supplement. In our Boost Elite review, we’ve read that taking it gives you energy and pumps, and also helps you burn fat and gain muscle.
  • ‘Light a Fire’ with Passion – Boost Elite claims to bring back vigor, youth, and overall sense of well being. These are attributes of healthy testosterone levels (the opposite, depression, withdrawn and such are attributes of low T). 

Boost Elite Test Booster Ingredients

Now let’s take a look at the Boost Elite ingredients. This is what’s on the label:

  • FENUGREEK EXTRACT (60% Saponins) 
  • DIM (Diindolylmethane) 

A lot of the Boost Elite ingredients are what we call old school supplements. They’ve been around for a while. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but does it make Boost Elite the most effective test booster? Keep reading below for our opinion.

Boost Elite Review – Pros

To the last point you just read, it’s actually refreshing to see some of the time-tested supplements in the Boost Elite ingredients. For the most part, these ingredients have had more research.

This is one of the less expensive testosterone boosters out there.

Boost Elite is an Amazon best seller for the most effective test booster. It also has a good rating on Amazon.

Boost Elite Review – Cons

Thought we like the Boost Elite ingredients at a glance, many of those have not been scientifically proven to increase testosterone. So there’s some speculation here.

There’s nothing that makes Boost Elite stand out from other testosterone boosters. The label and ingredients are very similar to many other test boosters.


We would say that if you’re just looking for that extra pep in your step, Boost Elite may work okay for you. If you’re a younger guy, this probably won’t help much; testosterone boosters typically cater to older men who’s natural testosterone levels have decreased.

If you’re a serious gym lover and are into bodybuilding or strength training, you may opt for a stronger testosterone booster. Remember, just because a testosterone booster is on a best seller list or advertised as the most effective testosterone booster doesn’t mean it’s for everyone.

So depending on your goals, you choose whether Boost Elite is right for you. Hope you enjoyed our Boost Elite review.