D-POL Review

Purus Labs D-POL reviewPurus Labs has a reputation of using only the purest of ingredients in their supplements. They’re also known for performing their tests on humans only, not animals. With that, we were excited to review their testosterone booster, D-POL.

Purus Labs D-POL is a dual-phasic free testosterone and nitric oxide elevator. Backed by research, this supplements is said to support increases in the lutenizing hormone, ATP levels, free testosterone, and oxidative phosphorylation ratio. D-POL is listed as one of the only true nitric oxide boosters and it’s formula is designed to spare oxygen. Let’s dig more into our D-POL review to get the full story.

Our D-POL Experience

During the first week you should be getting better pumps during your workouts. We found that our endurance was also increased almost immediately, allowing for more reps and longer workouts. We didn’t seem to tire as fast during workouts, including both weight training and cardio.

Vascularity was another benefit we found during our D-POL review. By the second week we were starting to see strength gains so not only were we pumping out more reps, but also moving heavier weights. The body weight and muscle size started coming on after that. Body composition changes weren’t drastic but size was indeed increased.

Enhanced libido was another effect from D-POL. We expect this to be extremely beneficial to those with a low sex drive. The most prominent benefit overall were the strength gains and explosive power.

Pros: Noticeable increase in strength, more power, vascularity, increased endurance, and enhanced sex drive.

Cons: Seems to cater more to powerlifters and strength athletes and not so much body shaping.

Purus Labs D-POL Ingredients

D-POL contains a proprietary blend of the highlighted ingredients. These are the ones that increase LH, free testosterone, ATP, and oxygen. It’s also loaded with B vitamins and vitamin D3.

D-POL Label:

> Proprietary Blend – 3.6g

D-Aspartic Acid (3,120 mg), Nitraline (high molecular-yield nitrate form)(std. for 73% nitrates)(480mg), Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) (4,000 IU)Conclusion – Mass Drops Review

> Vitamin B6

> Vitamin B12

> Vitamin D3

> Vitamin B9

Conclusion – D-POL Review

Purus Labs comes off as a beneficial testosterone booster for those that aim to get stronger. This covers powerlifters, strongman competitors, or any type of strength athlete. It also helps bring out vascularity which gives you a more grainy look. There’s also the increased endurance and more oxygen, which leads to better workouts. The size obviously comes with more strength, but the strength gains seem to be favored over muscle mass.