Gamma-O Review

Gamma-OGamma Labs is a supplement company that was founded by and is run by athletes, weight trainers, and sports enthusiasts. They started out in 2004 with a mission to find the most effective yet safe means of boosting natural testosterone levels. This was the birth of the potent testosterone booster Gamma-O. Since, Gamma Labs has ventured into creating more supplements geared towards performance and recovery. We’re going to review this powerful testosterone booster Gamma-O.

Gamma Labs Gamma-O is advertised to promote testosterone by increasing the Luteinizing Hormone (LH). The stated benefits of this supplement are increased strength, reduced body fat, and enhanced energy. What’s said to make Gamma-O more effective is the Liquid Emulsion Technology which makes the absorption of the Gamma Oryzanol more efficient.

The Gamma-O Experience

The most prominent effect we noticed about Gamma-O was the almost immediate increase in strength.  Along with the increased strength came more power on heavy compound lifts (such as bench press, deadlifts, and squats). Those who were dieting experienced more muscle hardness and lean, dry muscle gains. The reduction in body fat was noticeable after about three weeks on being on Gamma-O. Muscles were tighter, harder, and had that full look. Gamma-O also enhances your mood and there are some reported health benefits. There were a small percentage of people that did not get the claimed benefits from Gamma-O.

Pros: Increased strength and power, muscle mass gains, dry-grainy gains, reduced body fat, more overall energy and better moods.

Cons: Some medical experts question whether or not Gamma Oryzanol actually has any impact on testosterone.

Gamma-O Ingredients

The main active ingredient in Gamma-O is Gamma Oryzanol. Gamma Oryzanol is a natural compound with testosterone boosting properties. There’s also a list of other testosterone boosting ingredients to compliment the Gamma Oryzanol. All of the ingredients are listed with precise amounts, which is something we appreciate.

Gamma Labs Gamma-O Label:

> Gamma Oryzanol

> Conjugated Linolenic Acid

> Indole-3-Carbinol (I2C)

> Maca Root Powder

Gamma-O also contains a minimal blend of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat, and Vitamin D. The instructions have you taking two of their liqui-caps twice a day with food. Taking Gamma-O as suggested by the label, four capsules total per day, will last a full month.

Our Conclusion on Gamma-O Testosterone Booster

Gamma-O appears to be an all-around solid testosterone booster for gaining muscle and reducing body fat. It tends to grant results for various goals. Taking Gamma-O can increase power and strength and can also help you get lean and ripped. There’s also an array of health benefits in taking the active ingredient in Gamma-O, Gamma Oryzanol. Whether your goal is get stronger, build muscle, lose body fat, or just to be healthy, Gamma-O from Gamma Labs is worth trying.