Mass Drops Review

Mass Drops ReviewMost of the supplements that are considered hardcore aren’t found in stores like GNC or your local vitamin shop.

In fact, you may find that only a few online supplement stores that carry them. One of these powerful testosterone boosters and lean mass builders is call Mass Drops.

Advanced Muscle Science Mass Drops claims to be one of the first liquid test boosters that utilizes multiple pro hormone pathways.

It’s advertised to promote extreme muscle size and strength gains. However, Mass Drops also acts as a hardening agent so the gains are lean and dry. It’s said you can gain up to 20 lbs (2 cycles are recommended).

Let’s dive into our AMS Mass Drops review and to see if the gains are as massive as it’s claims.

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Our Mass Drops Experience

This was probably the first liquid testosterone boosting supplement we’ve tried. Where as this is a unique method it does make sense for maximum absorption.

We’re always a bit skeptical with these types of mass and strength builders. Here are the highlights from our Mass Drops review:

  • Mass Drops will definitely help you put on size.
  • We noticed that the gains are indeed cleaner than most mass building supplements.
  • There wasn’t the usual bloating and water retention.
  • Strength was increased as well but not as much as we expected.
  • The results from our Mass Drops review came a lot quicker than most other muscle builders and testosterone boosters we’ve tried.
  • It also gives you muscles more of that bodybuilder shape with the round muscle bellies.
  • Mass Drops is one of the few supplements that will help you gain mass while enhancing muscle definition.

Mass Drops Review – Pros: Lean, dry gains. No puffiness and you don’t hold water weight. Stronger than most over the counter test boosters.

Mass Drops Review – Cons: The claim of gaining 20 lbs on a 30-day cycle is unrealistic. Can be expensive.

* Mass Drops is often stacked with Bulk Drops

AMS Mass Drops Ingredients

Similar to Bulk Drops, Mass Drops contains a unique blend of ingredients.  The label looks similar to that of a prohormone.

However, the proprietary blend below is a patent pending formula.

These ingredients work together to elevate blood plasma levels, which enhances muscle growth.

AMS Mass Drops Label:

> Hydroxypropyl Beta Cyclodextrin – 100mg

> Proprietary Mass Formula – 20mg

Androsterone-3b-ol, 17-one 6-keto-Pregna-4-ene-3, 20-dione

The liquid form of Mass Drops increases it’s bioavailability. This allows more of the active compound to reach the skeletal muscle to promote tissue growth. Mass Drops is also safe and non-toxic to the liver.

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Conclusion – Mass Drops Review

AMS Mass Drops lives up to it’s claims for the most part. You have the lean, dry muscle gains with a notable increase in strength. We didn’t find any harmful side effects during our Mass Drops review.

So it can be used for a bulking or cutting  cycle. The lesson learned is you will need at least two cycles and perhaps even stack it with Bulk Drops to get the substantial benefits Advanced Muscle Science claims. Beyond that, it’s certainly worth checking out.

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