P6 Chrome Review

Cellucor P6 Chrome ReviewCellucor has a full line of testosterone boosters. We’re going to talk about one that claims to have a multi-purpose. This leads us to our Cellucor P6 Chrome review.

Before we jump into our P6 Chrome review let’s dig into exactly what this supplement is and does. We’ll also cover several aspects in our review and will include both the good and bad.

Cellucor P6 Chrome Test Booster

Cellucor P6 Chrome is said to be a natural testosterone booster that also controls estrogen. This is something that every test booster should have. We know that when testosterone is elevated, estrogen will be elevated in attempt to compete.

It’s also advertised to support lean muscle gains and healthy libido. This goes back to the claim of being a multi-purposed test booster, or you could say all-in-one supplement for supporting healthy testosterone levels.

P6 Chrome Claims:

  • Boost testosterone naturally
  • Controls estrogen
  • Supports lean muscle
  • Increases sex drive and libido

P6 Chrome consists of a specific blend of ingredients. The main active ingredient is the trifecta-based Adaptest which is said to increase muscle, strength, and testosterone in healthy males. Here’s a closer look at the P6 Chrome label below.

P6 Chrome Label:

  • Adaptest™ (KSM-66 Ashwagandha)
  • Tribulus alatus fruit
  • Fenugreek
  • Agaricus bisporus
  • 3-Diindolylmethane

P6 Chrome Review

In our Cellucor P6 Chrome we’d like to cover a few different aspects of the supplement. First of all, does P6 Chrome boost test? I’m not sure if anyone has ever done a true before and after blood test to see if P6 Chrome works. So we can’t confirm or deny that.

That said, you should expect to notice some of the effects of having raised testosterone. The muscle gains aren’t substantial but you may notice some enhancements in overall body composition and lean muscle. P6 Chrome does seem to do a good job at increasing libido and sex drive.

P6 Chrome Pros:

  • Enhanced body composition
  • Increased sex drive/libido
  • Reasonably priced

P6 Chrome Cons:

  • Muscle and strength gains are subtle at best
  • P6 Chrome is very similar to the other P6 test boosters
  • Results may not satisfy serious weightlifters or bodybuilders

Conclusion: Cellucor P6 Chrome Review

In our Cellucor P6 Chrome review, we found it to be geared more towards men that want to get lean and have a healthy sex drive. This is by no means a negative thing. But the claims on muscle and strength gains seem to be a bit exaggerated.

P6 Chrome may prove to be a decent test booster if you’re older and just wanted to maintain good health. If you’re looking to gain serious size and strength, you may want to continue looking.