Power Test Review

MuscleMeds Power Test reviewMuscleMeds Performance Technologies is one of those supplement companies that doesn’t seem to follow trends. Back by science and research, you’ll find unique ingredient blends on the labels of their supplements. We’re going to be checking out a testosterone booster from MuscleMeds with two breakthrough formulas combined. Keep reading below for our Power Test review.

MuscleMeds Power Test is more than just a testosterone booster. It’s considered a stack developed by the MuscleMeds elite research group. The two-for-one punch is Power Test is both anabolic and anti-catabolic. This supplement also is said to improve recovery and reduce muscle soreness. This as we know leads to muscle growth.

Our MuscleMeds Power Test Experience

Power Test isn’t one of those supplements that you should expect feel something right away, such as a preworkout. We noticed this take time to get into your system. After the first couple of weeks in Power Test is when you should start noticing it’s effects. Right away you will feel hungry and you need to eat enough calories to get the full effects.

We’ve found in our Power Test review that it seems to cater to powerlifters and strength athletes. Although we can’t be certain that this supplement actually boosts test levels but it does carry the attributes of increased testosterone. The dominating benefit of Power Test is strength gains. There’s also no bloating or signs of water retention.

Pros: Explosive power, strength gains, increased endurance during workouts, and increased libido.

Cons: May not be the best supplement for leaning out as you have to eat excessive calories to get the most out of Power Test.

Power Test Ingredients

MuscleMeds Power Test includes clinical doses of D-aspartic acid (DAA) and DL-alpha-hydroxyisocaproic acid (HICA). This combination leads to anabolic activity and also acts as an anti-catabolic agent in preventing muscle breakdown. The full label is listed below.

MuscleMeds Power Test Label:

> POWER TEST Muscle Building & Repair System

> DAA – 1,000mg
> HICA – 567.9mg

> Vitamin B6
> Folate
> Vitamin B12

Conclusion – Power Test Review

MuscleMeds Power Test is perfect for strength athletes and powerlifting enthusiasts. It is recommended that you stay on this for at least two full cycles. This is the case with mos test boosters. Power Test may not be idea if you’re looking to lean out to decrease body fat.