Six Star Test Booster Review

Six Star Testosterone BoosterBefore getting into the review of Six Star Testosterone Booster we think it’s important to briefly discuss the company, Six Star. As you’ll see on the packaging of all Six Star supplements, they’re from the maker’s of Muscle Tech.  Muscle Tech claims to be the leading supplement manufacturer and they’re known for having expensive supplements. It seems they created Six Star to be a more affordable brand of supplements. We’ve seen other supplement companies do this as well.

The Six Star Testosterone Booster is advertised to increase free testosterone within the first seven days of taking it. Some of the benefits claimed are enhanced training performance, peak testosterone cortisol ratio, increased energy and metabolic rate, and increased sex drive. These are all things we would expect from a natural test boosting supplement. Let’s dig into our Six Star test booster review.

Six Star Test Booster Experience

There’s an array of mixed reviews for Six Star Testosterone Booster. Some people are turned off by the fact that it’s a cheaper brand from Muscle Tech; we’ve read many reviews that seem biased on that fact alone, which aren’t legitimate reviews. Of course there are some that claim the supplement did nothing for them and that saw or felt no changes in their strength or physique. And there is a few that state they noticed an increase in overall sustainable energy and strength gains with Six Star Testosterone Booster.

Pros: Sustainable energy and strength gains. Very inexpensive and available at many retail stores (ex: Walmart).

Cons: Many claim no results at all.

Six Star Testosterone Booster Ingredients

The Six Star Testosterone Booster isn’t loaded with a long list of fillers and the label simple and clear. There are no proprietary blends, which is a plus in our book. And there’s a full 30 day supply (60 capsules, two per day).

Six Star Testosterone Booster Label:

Anticatabolic Complex:  Rhodiola extract and Ginkgo extract.

Free (Active) Testosterone Stimulator: Boron citrate.

These ingredients do have plenty of research and are known to help raise your body’s natural ability to increase free testosterone. This product also contains calcium.

* For a more potent formula from Six Star’s creator, MuscleTech, check out our Anotest Review.

Conclusion on Six Star Test Booster Review

One thing we found in our Six Star Test Booster review is its dirt cheap. We’re sure this entices more people to buy the product. But is it really worth it? More than often with bodybuilding supplements, and especially with testosterone boosters, you get what you pay for. If the supplement is cheap, that means the ingredients are super cheap.

We’re not saying you shouldn’t try Six Star Testosterone Booster. If there’s one thing we’ve learned about supplements, it’s that results vary from person to person. A supplement may work great for your friend but may not do anything for you. Since Six Star Testosterone Booster is indeed cost effective, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to try it.