TEST FREAKThere’s a lot of talk and raves about TEST FREAK from PharmaFreak and we wanted to see what all hype was about. One look at the label and we saw that it’s loaded with ingredients that they claim to send your test levels through the roof. We did some further research and read plenty of unbiased TEST FREAK reviews before trying this supplement hoping for some serious muscle gains.

TEST FREAK is said to support increased free testosterone, which is enhancing your body’s ability to produce more testosterone. Along with this PharmaFreak claims this supplement will promote muscle growth, strength gains, and increased performance through seven unique test booting pathways. TEST FREAK also claims to boost natural growth hormone (GH) levels and IGF-1, as well as increasing the rate of new muscle fiber formation.

The TEST FREAK Experience

TEST FREAK, in our opinion, seems to be catered to those wanting to gain strength. Seriously, you’ll get stronger fairly quickly on this stuff. Increased libido is another effect you can expect from TEST FREAK. Everyone’s response is different, but we experience these strength gains within the first two weeks (usually we expect to gains after weeks three and four with most test enhancers). What we’ve also seen is that PharmaFreak TEST FREAK has developed a semi-loyal following as we’ve been reading that many have taken it several times and it’s always produced consistent results for them. Many also reported fat loss and enhanced body composition while taking TEST FREAK.

Pros: Soaring strength gains, works fairly quickly, increased fat loss, increased sec drive and libido, and has the potential to give you that ripped and shredded look (assuming your diet is good, obviously).

Cons: This is one of the higher price testosterone boosting products which may turn some away. There may also be a few fillers to make the label look more enticing.

TEST FREAK Label – Ingredients

The PharmaFreak TEST FREAK label is indeed loaded with all kinds of stuff. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as there are no harmful substances in TEST FREAK. But we’re not certain that every ingredient listed is necessary. We’re not a fan of the proprietary blends in TEST FREAK either.

PharmaFreak TEST FREAK Label:

> TEST FREAK Hybrid Pro-Testosterone Formula

> Rapid Release Free Testosterone Amplifier

> TESTOFEN Fenugreek

> TRIGOTEST Fenugreek

> Methyl Gallate Ester Testosterone Matrix

> Tribulus Terrestris – Methyl Gallate Ester Standardized

> Zinc Test Supper Complex (Zinc, Magnesium, and Vitamin B6)

> DHT Control Complex

> Saw Palmetto Extract

> Aromatse Regulation Support Complex

TEST FREAK contains optimal doses of Vitamin B6, Magnesium, and Zinc. For some reason they have this listed twice; at the top of the label and also within the Zinc Test Support Complex. ZMA is one of the most studied test boosting combinations. This is a huge plus to have in any natural testosterone booster. ZMA also has many additional health benefits.

Our Conclusion on PharmaFreak TEST FREAK

TEST FREAK seems to be a solid testosterone booster given the results and many of the other reviews. Like most test boosters, the question pops up: ‘Does TEST FREAK really increase testosterone?’ And like most of you, we don’t get our levels checked before and after as that would rack up a hefty doctor bill; we simply go by the results (or lack of results in some cases). PharmaFreak TEST FREAK seems to grant most of the attributes that come with increased levels of testosterone.

We wish the TEST FREAK label was a bit more explicit, especially with the proprietary blends. As with many supplements, the more ingredients that are on the label makes us question whether or not there are effective doses of each ingredient. However, going strictly by the results, especially the increased strength, we feel TEST FREAK is worth trying.