TEST WORx Review

TEST WORx reviewTwo of the highlights we first noticed when we came across TEST WORx were that it’s made in the USA and the ingredients have been clinically tested in human trials to raise testosterone. TEST WORx is made by Superior Labs, which we don’t know much about, but appears to just be marketing TEST WORx as their main supplement.

TEST WORx is advertised to start increasing serum testosterone levels within the first two weeks of taking it. Other benefits include enhanced muscle growth, faster recovery, increased libido, and decreased body fat. There’s also a money back guarantee if TEST WORx is purchased directly through Superior Labs.

The TEST WORx Experience

We found in our Test Worx review the majority of people that have tried are satisfied with the results. One of the main benefits we’ve seen is an increase of deep, restful sleep. This can be attributed to higher testosterone and growth hormone levels, which in turn helps tremendously with recovery and muscle growth.

Right along with better sleep, we’ve seen substantial strength gains and a higher level of endurance during workouts. An increase in energy and libido has been reported. In our TEST WORx review we found more positive ratings that we’ve seen compared to most natural testosterone boosters.

Pros: Increased muscle mass and strength gains. Potent blend of herbal extracts and ingredients. May enhance both testosterone and GH levels.

Cons:  May be more than what some wish to pay for a natural test booster.

TEST WORx Ingredients

TEST WORx does contain a proprietary blend on the label which we’re not huge fans of. But the ingredients in the proprietary blend are tried and true herbs and extracts that we know are proven to increase testosterone levels.

TEST WORx Label:

TEST WORx Proprietary Blend:  LJ100 Eurycoma Longifolia, Glyco Saponins,   Eurypeptides, Tribulus Terrestris, Nettle Root, Maca, L Arginine AKG, Vitamin B12, and Pyridoxal-5-phosphate.

Zinc and Pyridine-3-carboxamide are also included on the label. LJ100 is probably the highlight of the TEST WORx label, which is an herb known to enhance testosterone as well as supports energy levels and mental focus. The other test boosting ingredients all compliment to effects of one another.

Conclusion on TEST WORx Review

Although we don’t care for supplements with proprietary blends, the ingredients in TEST WORx should help increase testosterone levels. Of course this is if there’s an effective dose of each ingredient, which is one of the reasons we don’t like proprietary blends. However, given the experience and many positive reviews, our TEST WORx review tells us it’s worth trying.