Tribex Review

Biotest TribexWe were extremely curious to try Tribex from Biotest as we were hoping that it was different from the many Tribulus based testosterone boosters. There are also other ingredients in Tribex that compliment the Tribulus extract. But what really made us want to dig in to Tribex is the company it’s made by, Biotest. Biotest is one of the smaller supplement manufacturers but they have an outstanding reputation for producing high quality supplements that work.

Biotest Tribex is advertised to increase testosterone levels with a powerful herbal blend that’s proven to make testosterone more available in your body. Tribex claims to have the highest grade of Tribulus extract setting it apart from other testosterone boosters that contain a lesser grade of Tribulus. In our Tribex review, we see that it also increases libido, helps burn fat, and enhances mood.

The Tribex Experience

The key benefit we noticed with Biotest Tribex was not only an increase in explosive power resulting in strength gains. Many users also claim they were able to pump out more reps and had more sustainable energy during their workouts. The results from Tribex seem to come fairly quickly, within the first two weeks. Of course there were a few claiming they got no results from Tribex. Other than that, the only downside may be the size of the pills.

Pros: Explosive power and strength gains. More sustainable muscle energy and better recovery.

Cons: Some claim to have gotten no results. Pills are large. Price may be considered high for a Tribulus based supplement.

Biotest Tribex Label – Ingredients

Tribex is somewhat of a simple formula combining two other ingredients with Tribulus. As stated above, the Tribulus in Biotest Tribex is said to be of the highest grade. The blend of ingredients is called the Tribex Formula and we’re assuming that Tribulus Terrestris makes up the majority of that.

Tribex Label:

Tribex Formula:  Tribulus Terrestris, Vitex Agnus Castus, and Eurycoma Longifolia.

Our Conclusion on Biotest Tribex

Our Tribex review leads us to believe this is one of the more effective Tribulus based testosterone boosters. We’ve tried many other Tribulus supplements with little to no results. Biotest Tribex does seem to help increase power and strength. Tribex is definitely worth trying but we may also recommend stacking it with another type of testosterone booster for maximum results.