Urevive Review

Urevive Testosterone BoosterOne of the biggest problems for men is the decrease in testosterone levels as they age. This decline in testosterone leads to all sorts of negative symptoms, not to mention medical problems including the deadliest of all; heart disease.  There’s now an array of supplements on the market that claim reverse these effects and boost natural testosterone levels. Urevive Testosterone Booster is one of those and we’re about to discuss this powerful test booster.

Urevive Testosterone Booster is advertised to improve libido, build muscle, melt fat, and enhance mood and clarity. This supplement is geared towards men who have felt a noticeable decline in testosterone. These symptoms are decreased energy, increased body fat, irritability, lack focus and energy, and muscle loss. Urevive is said to reverse these effects of aging and boost testosterone levels naturally.

The Urevive Testosterone Booster Experience

One thing to be said about taking Urevive Testosterone Booster is most people definitely notice increased energy levels along with enhanced metal focus. For those that workout hard, this enables them to push through more sets and reps in the gym. For those taking Urevive for health and rejuvenation benefits, they’re happy with the ability to do more activities and feel energetic.

Another effect of Urevive is the almost immediate fat loss. There aren’t many reports of extreme muscle or strength gains. It seems Urevive is really geared towards men over 40. Some did experience strength gains and more muscle definition, just not substantial changes in these areas.

Pros: Noticeable changes in mood and energy, increased mental focus, ability to last longer, sexual stamina, and substantial loss in body fat.

Cons: May not be best test booster for younger bodybuilders looking for size and strength gains.

Urevive Label – Ingredients

The label for Urevive Testosterone Booster consists of seven scientifically backed ingredients that are proven to raise testosterone levels.  There’s also a vitamin support matrix which complements the testosterone boosting effects and overall health. Some of the ingredients are also said to increase red blood cell production which is huge for increased stamina, performance, and boosting testosterone.

Urevive Label:

> Fenugreek Seed Extract

> Tribulus Terrestris

> Panax and Siberian Ginseng

> Cordyceps Sinensis

>Muira Puama

> Chrysin

> Vitamin Support Matrix

It’s important to note that the Vitamin Support Matrix in Urevive Testosterone Booster is made up of Zinc, Vitamin D, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin B12. This is similar to the ZMA formula.

Our Conclusion on Urevive

The truth is you can go to your doctor and possibly get a prescription for testosterone or hormone replacement therapy. The problem taking testosterone can shut down your body’s ability to create its own testosterone. Not to mention this can be an expensive route if your health insurance doesn’t cover it. Urevive Testosterone Booster may prove to be a safe and effective alternative for boosting test levels and reversing some of the negative effects of aging.