USC Roid Rage Review

USC Roid Rage ReviewWe’ve seen testosterone boosters with Tribulus Terrestris as their key ingredient come and go over the year. The fact it most of the supplements just don’t work. So does Tribulus even belong in the test boosting category? We’ve come to find that it’s not so much the ingredients, it’s how the ingredients are extracted and the purity level. This brings us to review yet another Trib-based product from USC Nutrition called Roid Rage.

Of course the name is exciting yet at the same time can be a turn off to many. Most every test booster out there claims to have ‘roid-like’ effects. Sadly, the majority of these supplements are garbage. But what about USC Roid Rage? Let’s dig in to our review!

Tribulus Extract 95% Saponins

USC Roid Rage is advertised to contain the purest extract of Tribulus Terrestris, 95% Saponins. This 350mg herbal supplement is said to increase the luteinizing hormone which we all know releases natural testosterone to the body. Per USC, Roid Rage has the strongest Tribes extract possible.

This is a vert simple testosterone booster. There are no frills or fillers, and we prefer that. Just give us something with a quality ingredients that work and we’re happy. And that’s what so great about Roid Rage; it’s just straight Tribulus powder, and a decent dose.

Does USC Roid Rage Work?

Here’s the bottom line. If you’ve responded well to Tribulus Terrestris in the past then you should get solid results from USC Roid Rage. It’s pure and may well be the strongest extract of Tribulus you can get. If you know you do not respond to Trib supplements then we wouldn’t recommend┬áthis product.

The truth is we all respond differently to certain supplements and ingredients. Its the same with food and nutrients (if you haven’t looked at our diet plans, check those out here: meal plans). In fact, its the same with workouts. We’re all structured differently so we have to take that in consideration with supplements we’re trying.

We actually prefer to see Tribulus Terrestris blended with other ingredients. We believe this makes it more effective as the different ingredients can compliment each other. However, we realize that many do not respond at all to Tribulus supplements. On that note, check out our #1 test booster, which is loaded with a combination of pure and highly effective ingredients. Click below to read more.


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