2015 New Year Fitness Goals

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It’s that time of year again. We’ve just gotten through the holidays and most of us were a bit lenient on our diets. Some of us may have skipped more days from the gym that we had planned. But now we’re starting to reflect on our accomplishments and shortcomings from this past year, and ready to make changes for the new year.

2015 will be upon us in a couple of days so we need to start planning now. Getting in shape in certainly on the list because you know if you look and feel great, then most everything else will fall into place. When you’re confident, you make better decisions. When you’re drive is up, you do more. When you’re focused, you work smarter. So here’s a few new year’s resolution categories for 2015.

Train with More Intensity in 2015

You know that just showing up to the gym isn’t enough to reach your fitness goals. You want rock hard muscle and a chiseled mid-section. You want to get stronger but also leaner. Training with great intensity is what it’s going to take.

Drop the Pounds in 2015

The extra weight can really slow us down. It also covers up that hard-earned muscle. And of course there are health concerns with carrying too much body fat. This is the year that not only you stick to a weight lifting plan but you also maintain a consistent cardio regimen. Create a schedule and integrate cardio into your workout program.

Get the Diet Right in 2015

Whether your goal is to get huge, gain strength, or lose weight (or a combination of everything), your diet is going to play a key role. You have to plan your meals ahead of time. Write out a schedule of meals and foods, and times to eat them. Set reminders on your phone for meals. Make grocery lists before going to the store so you don’t end up getting junk.

Boost Your Testosterone and GH Levels in 2015

Once you have your weight training, cardio, and diet down you can start looking into supplements to help boost your testosterone and growth hormone. There are a ton of safe and natural supplements. However, many of these supplements simply don’t work. That’s where we come in; to provide you with reviews of the best testosterone boosters for 2015. And just recently we’ve added a line of growth hormone reviews from one of the most reputable companies in the industry for GH supplements.



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