Can Women Take Testosterone?

When we talk about increasing testosterone we typically think ‘men only.’ We know the importance of this hormone for lean muscle, keeping body fat down, sex drive, and overall health. But what about females; can women take¬†testosterone?

If you were to bring up women taking testosterone you may get a lot of flack. You’ll probably hear things like it’s unhealthy for women, it will cause their voice to deepen, it will make them take on manly characteristic, etc. And this is true if it’s abused.

Contrary to the above, women can actually benefit from small doses of testosterone. Like men, this is more for when they’re older (we’ll say beyond 40 years of age). A little testosterone can increase women’s sexual desire as well as enhance their health.

We have published a recent article that goes into details on answering the question ‘can women take testosterone?’ Here we talk about the many benefits.¬†Click the below link to read our recent publication:

The Forgotten Hormone for Women’s Health