Stacking Supplements

To stack or not to stack? While there may be some supplements that are ok to use as a standalone, there’s no one supplement that does it all. For example, you may have a powerful multi-vitamin that contains digestive enzymes, energy boosters, and maybe even amino acids. But this doesn’t replace protein, creatine, pre/post workout supplements, or in or case, a testosterone booster.

This leads us to supplement stacks. We’re going narrow this down and talk specifically about stacking testosterone boosting supplements. Now one may think that test boosters are pretty much the same. But they’re not all created equal, and many have different ingredients to target specific purposes. For example, one may promote size and strength while another may induce lean muscle and vascularity.

Supplement Stacks

We’ve found the most effective means of building muscle is by using supplement stacks. We’re going to use elements for a bulking stack protocol here as an example.

Bulking Stack:

♦ Testosterone booster

♦ Mass gainer

♦ Explosive power promoter

♦ Muscle size and shape enhancer

♦ Possibly an off-cycle agent

You can put on some serious size if you have a supplement stack containing these elements. Each supplement would compliment one another and work in conjunction to produce massive gains.

Is it Necessary to Stack?

The short answer is no, it’s not necessary to stack testosterone boosters or supplements. However, most of us do any way. Think about it. You probably have a tub of protein powder sitting next to your amino acids, creatine, pre workout booster, vitamins, etc. Technically, that’s stacking supplements.

When you stack testosterone boosters you get the added benefits of the two complimenting one another. Most test boosters have unique labels. For example, one may contain something like oyster extract and high in Vitamin D while another contains something like tribulus. Combining those two could have a powerful impact.

Stacking isn’t necessary but could be beneficial. We only recommend that you read the label closely and know what you’re putting into your body.

The Ultimate Test Stack

We have two incredible test boosters that we believe work great together in a stack. One is our number one supplement, TestoFuel. This is fueled with ingredients like oyster extract, high levels of vitamin D3, B vitamin complex, and several others.

TestoFuel Box - TestoFuel Review


Our second choice in which you can stack this with is similar in nature. But this blend contains ingredients that promote longevity, increased energy, and libido. Prime Male is actually featured for men over the age of 30. The TestoFuel + Prime Male stack could certainly deliver some powerful muscle gains.

Prime Male Testosterone Booster


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