Vitamin D3 and Testosterone

There’s no shortage of performance enhancing supplements and testosterone boosters. Pick up any fitness or bodybuilding magazine and you’ll be smothered with supplement ads on almost every page. Where as these supplements can indeed help us reach our goals faster, they’re by no means a substitute for proper nutrition. At the same time, supplements may be helpful to get attain the proper dose of Vitamin D3 to increase testosterone levels.

Increasing Testosterone through Nutrition

So while you’re on the topic of nutrition let’s┬átalk specifically about foods that are high in Vitamin D3. Fatty fish is your best bet. And bodybuilders, who are always looking for ways to increase testosterone levels, are fond of salmon. Along with fish, oysters are very high in Vitamin D. Milk is also another natural source of Vitamin D but many are lactose intolerant and milk may not be friendly if you’re dieting for a competition.

Can Vitamin D3 Increase Testosterone?

Now that we’ve covered some of the foods you can eat to get your daily intake of Vitamin D let’s talk about how this vitamin increases testosterone. There have been several studies done having a controlled group supplement with Vitamin D3. Although the testosterone levels aren’t typically substantial with just taking Vitamin D3. the increase in testosterone is notable. There seems to be a direct correlation between Vitamin D3 and increased testosterone.

If you notice, many testosterone boosters contain Vitamin D3 although many may not contain an adequate dose to be effective. There are a few supplements we’ve run across that help increase testosterone with Vitamin D3 on the label. We also mentioned oysters above in our blurb about nutrition. Our top rated testosterone not only contains the adequate dose of Vitamin D3 but it’s also packed with a new ingredient called Oyster Extract. Read more in the link below why we recommend this powerful supplement to everyone that’s wants to increase their testosterone.


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