Testosterone Boosting Exercises

dumbbell-rack1.pngAlong with a healthy diet, the most natural and effective way to boost testosterone levels is through exercise. Exercising in general is good for your long-term health. But there are specific exercises and exercise techniques that can increase your testosterone.

Cardiovascular exercise is important for your heart health but strength and resistance training is imperative for lean muscle growth and is more effective at increasing testosterone. You don’t have to worry about being bulky or gaining too much muscle with strength training. Much of that in controlled by how much you eat anyway. You can lift weights to boost your testosterone naturally and build lean healthy muscle. Below is our list of testosterone boosting exercises.

Increasing Test through Exercise

Strength Training – As mentioned above, resistance and strength training are important for increasing testosterone levels naturally. In fact, building lean muscle and strength go hand-in-hand as strength training also helps lower body fat, which in turn boosts test levels.

Squats – Squats is a compound lower body exercise known to increase both testosterone and growth hormone levels.

Deadlifts – Deadlifts are another compound weight training exercise that enhance lower body strength and also lower and upper back strength. This lift, along with squats, are key exercises in boosting testosterone.

Moderate Cardio – Doing moderate cardiovascular exercise will help burn more calories from fat and is one of the most heart-healthy exercise you can do. Cardiovascular exercise also helps the uptake of nutrients and can increase blood flow. Many health and medial experts agree that fast-walking is one of the best types of moderate cardio exercise one can do to stay healthy.

Sprints – Several studies have shown that testosterone levels can peak after running sprints, and remain high for a length of time thereafter. This concept is similar to the high intensity interval training which also helps burn more fat.

Lifting Heavy Weights – Going heavy on the weightlifting will indeed increase testosterone levels. Heavy compound exercises such as bench press, shoulder press, and the two listed above – squats and deadlifts, are huge natural test boosters. This doesn’t mean you will become bulky, but you will be stronger, burn more fat, and have more testosterone by lifting heavy weights.

There are several additional exercises and exercise concepts that will help boost your natural testosterone levels. Exercise in general should be implemented into your daily routine. You can also use a combination of the exercises and techniques listed above. In fact, we recommend that. For example, you could lift heavy weights two days a week, do sprints two days a week, and do moderate cardio two days a week, giving you one day of rest. Here’s an example of such a workout:

Monday: Heavy training

Tuesday: Sprints

Wednesday: Moderate cardio exercise

Thursday: Heavy training

Friday: Sprints

Saturday: Moderate cardio exercise

Sunday: Rest

The key is to do a combination of resistance training and cardiovascular training several times each week consistently. We want to stress that consistency is the key to success when it comes to health and fitness. This type of workout routine should keep your natural testosterone and estrogen levels balanced. Without exercise, testosterone supplements aren’t going to do you much good. Your nutrition plan needs to be in check and your workouts need to be consistent first.