Vitamin D for Boosting Testosterone

Vitamin D and Testosterone LogoMay of us don’t think of substantially increased levels of testosterone when we hear Vitamin D, or any vitamins for that matter. We think of vitamins as being essential for overall health and longevity. However, along with the numerous health benefits, recent studies show that Vitamin D can also play a key role in boosting natural testosterone levels.

Vitamin D is essential for the development of sperm count and sperm quality. This nutrient is known for boosting testosterone levels as well as libido. Many men have a Vitamin D deficiency mainly due to poor diet and lack of exercise. Studies have shown the increased levels of testosterone as well as a boost in overall health closely related to those getting adequate exposure to Vitamin D.

Foods High in Vitamin D

Before we get into Vitamin D supplements we should first discuss the most natural means of getting Vitamin D; through your diet. Whether your goal is to build muscle, get lean, lose weight, or just be healthy, nutrition should always be first priority. Unfortunately whole foods, although healthy, do not contain enough Vitamin D to have substantial benefits in boosting testosterone levels. However, for the sake of health and nutrition, here’s a quick list of foods that are high in Vitamin D:

* Fish such as tuna and salmon

* Dairy (milk and cheese)

* Red meat (specifically beef and beef liver)

* Eggs (whole eggs; egg yolks)

Vitamin D and Sun Exposure

Another natural means of getting adequate Vitamin D is through outdoor exposure to the sun. The sun actually allows your body to produce its own Vitamin D. The downside is that too much sun exposure can lead to skin cancer. If you have light skin this may not be the best option for getting Vitamin D. It’s also uncertain on how much sun exposure is needed to allow Vitamin D to be effective at boosting testosterone.

Vitamin D3 Supplements

Lastly, there are supplements that contain Vitamin D3. You can take multi-vitamins which contain Vitamin D3, but you may require more of specific vitamins. There’s also just Vitamin D3 supplements you can take. The best option if you’re wanting the testosterone boosting benefits of Vitamin D is to take a high quality natural testosterone booster than contains an effective dose of Vitamin D3.

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