Get Ripped for the Summer

Summer time is right around the corner and it’s time to get your body in shape so you can show it off. It’s time to get ripped. There are 3 areas we want to address that will help you cut body fat so your hard earned muscle is displayed.

Diet to Cut Body Fat

The most imperative area we need to address for getting ripped is your diet. You have to dial in what foods your body responds to best in regards to boosting your metabolism and giving you energy. Some key points are:

> Plenty of lean protein

> Moderate complex carbs

> Adequate healthy fats

> Cut out processed foods

> Cut out high-sugar and artificial foods

> Eat organic as much as possible

Workouts to Get Ripped

Just showing up to the gym won’t cut it when you’re trying to get ripped. You need a precise blend of both weight training and cardiovascular workouts. A good rule of thumb is to train with weights for 30 minutes followed by 30 minutes of cardio.

1 Hour Workout

> 30 minutes of weight training

> 30 minutes of cardio

Supplements to Get Cut

You may typically expect to see us talk about fat burning supplements here. Rather, we’re going to talk about the benefits of boosting your testosterone levels to get ripped. You don’t want to just lose weight; you want to lose fat. You also want to build lean muscle and show off your muscle definition. This is why we recommend testosterone boosters over fat burners.

We have a small handful of high quality testosterone boosters that we recommend. For this particular blog we’re going to recommend TestoFuel as it’s been our #1 rated testosterone boosting supplement since we’ve gone live. Click on the link below to read our full review of TestoFuel and integrate this powerful supplement into your plan to get ripped for the summer.

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