The Power of Squats

If you went around asking professional weight lifters and bodybuilders which exercise they would do if they could only do one, you’d hear a god percentage say squats. This is irrefutabley one of the best mass and strength builders.

Squats are considered by many the king of exercises because they work more than just legs. They work the entire body, taxing the central nervous system. This is key for building muscle. It’s also key for boosting your natural testosterone levels.

Squats Workout

Here’s a sample squat workout. You can integrate other leg exercises with this but we want to focus on this one exercise. And to be truthful, this workout is probably enough.

Exercise: Squats

♦ Set 1: 135 x 10 reps

♦ Set 2: 185 x 10 reps

♦ Set 3: 225 x 10 reps

♦ Set 4: 250 x 8 reps

♦ Set 5: 275 x 6 reps

♦ Set 6: 315 x 5 reps

♦ Set 7: 135 x 21 reps

Of course the weight you use will be realtive to where you are. Many of you won’t go up this heavy, especially if you’re using good form. Those that are more experienced strength trainers may indeed to heavier.

The idea is using multiple sets. This does two things. It gets you used to the weight so you get stronger. Secondly, the volume for legs triggers muscle growth.

Try this workout on your next leg day. Or you can do this on a non-workout day if you want to try something different. Squats is a multi-functional exercise with its strength and mass building properties as well as its ability to increase testosterone.