10 Exercises You Need To Increase Testosterone

Deadlifts 5 x 5 workout

Are you ready for one of the best ways to boost your testosterone? Then get ready to hit the gym because I’m going to give you 10 exercises you need to increase testosterone naturally.

In this post, you’re going to get…

  • why you need to lift weights (you probably already know why, but we love this stuff, and can’t talk about it enough…and I’m to give you an extra edge here too!)
  • 10 most powerful exercises you can do to increase testosterone
  • a complete guide on how to perform each exercise so that you get the most muscle gains from them
  • a full test-boosting workout plan that you can start this week
  • some other cool tips that will help further increase testosterone, strength, and pack on serious muscle (as opposed to non-serious muscle? lol!)

**This is my absolute favorite topic, and I truly believe you’re going to greatly benefit from this article! Let’s begin!

Do You Have To Lift Weights To Boost Testosterone?

10 exercises you need to increase tesosterone naturally

By reading this, I’m going to assume you either lift or you’re interested in lifting. You know the many benefits of weight training. And you also know once you start, you’re a lifter for life!

But do you have to lift weights to boost testosterone? The short answer is…you should. And I’m going to share the details of why in each exercise below.

Here’s a quick message to the two types of people reading this…

  1. If you already lift weights, you’re going to learn some tricks to make your workouts more effective for increasing testosterone. And you’ll also build more muscle in half the time with the workout program I’m giving you.
  2. If you’re new to the gym or toying with the idea of lifting, then welcome! This is one of the absolute best things you can do with your life. And the benefits of weight training will carry over into every aspect of your life! Geez, I sound like Tony Robbins here…

10 Exercises That Increase Testosterone Naturally

Each exercise below will fall into one of two categories. Both of these combined will help increase testosterone naturally and make some substantial muscle and strength gains (and you’ll be using all of these exercises in the workout plan I’m giving you!).

  1. Compound exercises are multi-joint exercises, recruiting multiple muscles. These are where you’ll gain the most benefits in increasing testosterone naturally and building muscle and strength. The first 5 exercises are going to be compound exercises (also found in my post 10 Ways to Naturally Increase Testosterone).
  2. Supporting exercises are going to be similar to your compound exercises, but with variations. They are targeting specific muscles. Combining these with the compound exercises will help grant you substantial gains in both muscle and testosterone…so get ready!

1 – Deadlifts

You want strength? You want power? You want to give those hormones a boost? Then go do some deadlifts!

Deadlifts are the best (or at least one of the best) exercises to increase testosterone naturally.

Here’s how to do deadlifts (and some tips):

  • Stand so that the middle of your feet are over the bar
  • Slightly bend your knees as you lower your torso down to grab the bar
  • Grab the bar with a firm grip
  • Keep your entire body tight, but put some air in your belly
  • Pull the bar up along the front of your body
  • Make sure you’re pulling with your hamstrings while pulling your shoulder back
  • Don’t round your back!
  • Stand up straight holding the (do not hyperextend your back)
  • Lower back down the same way you pulled it up (some people will drop the bar; I don’t recommend doing that)

2 – Squats

Squats and deadlifts are both considered the king of testosterone-boosting strength-building exercises. In fact, there’s an article on bodybuilding.com that backs-up both squats and deadlifts giving us a natural boost in testosterone.

I mean, you could build an amazing and muscular physique from squats and deadlifts alone. Your testosterone levels would also be happy!

Here’s how to squat right:

  • Place the bar on your lower traps and grip it tightly
  • Stand with your feet about shoulder-width apart and slightly point your feet out (don’t spend too much time with foot placement when you walk out of the rack)
  • Like with deadlifts, keep your entire body tight, but put some air in your belly
  • Lower your body towards the floor
  • Don’t round your back at any point in the lift
  • Dropdown a little below parallel
  • Power back up while pushing your legs outward (this will give you more power)

3 – Bench Press

  • ‘How much can ya bench?’
  • ‘What’s your max?’
  • ‘How much do ya lift?’

Bench press if often mistake as a measurement of overall strength (squats and deadlifts would fall under that category). But it is a compound exercise you need to increase testosterone naturally.

Here’s how to properly bench press:

  • When you lay on the bench, grab the should about shoulder-width apart (maybe a little more if that feels for natural)
  • Plant your feet firmly on the ground (you will actually use your leg power as leverage to help push)
  • It’s ok to have a slight arch in your back but do not let your rump come off the bench
  • Lower the weight down towards your chest (control the weight, don’t let it just fall)
  • Power the weight back up

4 – Bent Over Rows

Barbell rows will help you pack on upper body muscles like no other exercise.

Because your back is a muscle larger muscle than the chest, you should focus on barbell rows just as much as bench press (aka you should be able to row as much you bench!).

Here’s how to naturally boost your testosterone with barbell rows:

  • Use the squat rack or anywhere that you can grab the bar at about waist-height
  • Get a firm grip on the bar about shoulder-width apart (use wrist-wraps if necessary)
  • Without rounding your lower back, slightly bend your knees so that you bending over (this does not need to be a 90-degree angle, just a slight bend is ok)
  • Pull the bar into your stomach area getting a good contraction in your back muscles
  • Lower the bar back to starting position with control (do not let the weight just fall)

5 – Overhead Press

Overhead press is the last of the compound exercises you need to naturally increase testosterone. This is another powerful exercise where it’s you against the brunt force of the weight.

You can do this standing or seated. Or even better, alternate this position every week.

Here are some tips that will help you with your overhead press:

  • Start with the bar directly in front of you, on your upper chest
  • Press the weight directly up and over your head
  • As the bar passes over your head, tuck your head underneath the bar (this prevents you from doing a modified incline press)
  • Control the weight as you lower it back to starting position

6 – Dumbbell Rows

Dumbbell rows target your lats but also serve a testosterone boosting exercise. How? Because you’re pulling raw weight from the floor to your torso.

This takes a lot out of you (if you do it right), thus allowing you to go heavy and give your hormone levels a nice boost.

A simple and effective way to do dumbbell rows is:

  • You can prop your body with one hand on a bench or any sturdy object
  • With your free hand, grab the dumbbell from the floor
  • Have a slight arch in your lower back (do not round your back)
  • Pull the dumbbell up keeping your elbow close yo your side
  • With control, lower the weight back down until your arm is extended

7 – Incline Bench Press

The incline bench press is a powerful exercise that will pack slabs of muscle to your upper chest. In fact, some bodybuilders start their chest workout with incline bench press.

You can follow all the rules above for bench press, but here’s a few additional tips for incline:

  • Bring the bar down to your upper chest (not mid or lower)
  • Stay focused (mentally) on working your upper chest muscles throughout each rep
  • If you want to keep tension on your chest, you don’t necessarily have to let the bar touch your chest; you can stop at about a half-inch above your chest

8 – Leg Press

Leg press is where I see a lot of people go wrong. But when done correctly, this exercise can boost your testosterone levels through the roof, and increase your leg power.

Whereas squats are indeed superior to leg press, T-Nation.com has a great write-up of how leg press can indeed benefit your core lifts.

Follow these rules for leg press to get the most out of this exercise:

  • Don’t focus on the amount of weight until you can perform this exercise right
  • Try different foot placements that feel natural (everyone is different), but typically about shoulder-width apart, like most everything else)
  • Lower the weight to at least a 90-degree angle (this is where most go wrong…they put on a ton of weight and only go down about two inches…don’t be that person!)
  • I don’t recommend locking out all the way on any exercise, but especially do not lockout on leg press; this will put stress on your knees (that’s not something you want)

9 – Dumbbell Press

The dumbbell press can actually be multiple exercises. Most think of dumbbell bench press, but you can also do…

  • Incline dumbbell press
  • Seated dumbbell press (for shoulders)

Doing any form of dumbbell press will support your heavier lifts like bench press and overhead press. This, in turn, helps increase your testosterone levels with exercise.

With dumbbell press, you’ll follow the same rules as bench press (if you’re doing these for chest), and overhead press (if you’re doing these for shoulders).

My one rule for dumbbell press is…

  • If you have to get someone to bring the dumbbells to you, it’s too heavy

10 – Stiff-leg Deadlifts

Stiff-leg deadlifts will help you increase your regular deadlift and also your squat. How?

Doing stiff-leg deadlifts strengthen your…

  • core
  • hamstrings
  • lower back

These are all the foundations of your compound exercises you need to boost testosterone naturally.

A few tips for making stiff-leg deadlifts more effective are:

  • Do not round your lower back (ever!)
  • Lower the weight slowly, with control, letting the bar glide along the front of your legs
  • Focus on using your hamstrings to pull the weight back up to starting position

Testosterone Boosting Workout Plan

Ready to start your testosterone-boosting workout plan? Actually, I’m going to give you 2 workouts plans.

Why? Because 2 is better than 1…duh!

No, seriously, one is a 3-day workout plan and the other is a 4-day workout. I did this to cater to the different schedules we have. You can also alternate these 2 workouts plans (example: do workout A for 6 weeks, then switch to workout B).

Workout A

This first workout is 3-4 days a week but don’t let that fool you. You’re going to work out hard! And you’re going to get stronger!

It’s based on the 5×5 strength training method. You will do 5 sets of 5 reps for each exercise (except deadlifts, which you will only do 1 rep). The first 5 exercises will be part of this workout routine. Those are the most important exercises you need to increase testosterone naturally.

There are only 2 workouts that you will alternate. If you’re training 3 days a week, you’ll do one of the workouts twice that week. Your schedule will look something like this:

  • Monday: Workout A.1
  • Wednesday: Workout A.2
  • Friday: Workout A.1

Following week…

  • Monday: Workout A.2
  • Wednesday: Workout A.1
  • Friday: Workout A.2

Workout A.1

ExercisesSets x Reps
Squats5 x 5
Bench Press5 x 5
Deadlifts5 x 5

Workout A.2

ExercisesSets x Reps
Squats5 x 5
Barbell Rows5 x 5
Overhead Press5 x 5

Workout B

This workout requires 4 days a week. With the extra day, you will be doing more volume. This will help you build bigger muscles like a bodybuilder.

All 10 exercises above are listed in this workout plan, plus some extras. This is combining strength training with a bodybuilding-style workout.

Workout B.1

ExercisesSets x Reps
Bench Press4 x 6
Barbell Rows4 x 6
Incline Bench Press4 x 8
Dumbbell Rows4 x 8
Dumbbell Pullovers4 x 10
Pull-ups4 x 10

Workout B.2

ExercisesSets x Reps
Squats4 x 6-8
Leg Press4 x 8
Stiff-leg Deadlifts4 x 8
Leg Extensions4 x 10
Leg Curls4 x 10

Workout B.3

ExercisesSets x Reps
Overhead Press4 x 6
Barbell Rows (reverse grip)4 x 6
Seated Dumbbell Press4 x 8
Seated Rows4 x 8
Lateral Raises4 x 10
Pull-ups4 x 10

Workout B.4

ExercisesSets x Reps
Deadlifts4 x 6
Front Squats4 x 8
Leg Press4 x 8
Leg Extensions4 x 10
Leg Curls4 x 10

*You may be wondering where the exercises are for arms and calves. If you choose, you can fit those in. But with the types of exercises you’ll be doing, it’s not necessary.

**Make sure you read my full 12-week program on this post: 12 Week Testosterone Boosting Workout Plan

Can Working Out Too Much Lower Testosterone?

exercises that boost testosterone levels

Working out too much won’t directly lower your testosterone levels but it can prevent you from proper recovery. A post on Muscle&Strength.com goes more into depth. But the bottom line is getting adequate rest is part of the game.

Your muscles don’t grow while you’re in the gym or working out. They have to recover in order to rebuild. So rest is an imperative part of muscle growth and strength gains.

Because of this, working out too much could have an indirect impact on your testosterone levels as your body may become stressed. Stress, whether physical or mental, can lower your testosterone levels.

Increase Testosterone Naturally With These Exercises

Now that you’ve learned the compound exercises you need to increase testosterone naturally, and you have 2 workout plans, it’s time to get started.

Follow these tips to boost testosterone and make muscle gains:

  • Schedule your workouts (use your phone or electronic device)
  • Make sure your eating properly (refer to 7 foods that increase testosterone)
  • Get plenty of quality sleep
  • Get adequate rest between hard workouts
  • Be consistent!

You can also take a natural testosterone booster to help. This will ensure your body is getting the proper and balanced amounts of ingredients that can increase your natural testosterone levels.

Read about our top testosterone booster here.


Jason has been consistently weight training since his mid-teens (started back in the early 90's) and has helped countless others reach their fitness goals. At Top Testosterone Booster, his desire is to help you educate yourself with tips and the right supplements that can boost your performance.

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